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My daughter says I look "mean" and intimidate the guys she brings home; what can she be referring to?

I'm your average, 6' 1", 220#, tattoo-covered teddy bear of a guy, and I am always courteous when I open the door in my wifebeater, and, holding my can of beer, greet them. I don't understand what she thinks I can possibly be doing that is intimidating them.

I always inquire as to their intended college of choice, and share about my four productive years at the California Institution for Men, Chino; I enjoy telling them how I majored in pipe-fitting, and had the best crew of guys working under me. I ask about their dreams, if they want to be doctors, lawyers or whatever, and always tell about my dreams of getting through just one anger management class without having the police called on me. I like to put people at their ease, you see.

They tell me about their hobbies, such as collecting the latest songs on their iPods, and I proudly show my vast street-gun collection. If there is time before the lad and my daughter go on their date, I show how much I can bench-press, usually following with a mirthful anecdote about how easily it would be for me to, say, pummel a side of beef and make it steak tartare. Being polite, of course, I ask if they like steak tartare, and are at all squeamish about all of the blood.

As you can see, I am a proper gentleman, and do not understand how it could be that my daughter possibly thinks I am intimidating the guys she brings around. She has tried to get past bringing them by, but my wife and I insist on meeting any fellows before she dates. Funny thing, but she has a lot of first dates, but no second ones. Is it possible she can be sending out some vibe that puts them off? She is a beautiful and clever young lady, so I do not understand.

Any advice?

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    My good sir,

    I, too, have a daughter who is both young and beautiful, and very winsome to the many young men who seek her favour. I suggest you and I meet posthaste, either in your living room or mine, where we can field strip our 1911's and clean our AR's after a nice day of target shooting, whilst your daughter and mine engage a male pair in a double date to the local ice cream parlour. Perhaps together we can come to some sort of solution to your problem. I also am a fan of steak tartare and would be glad to join you for dinner should the need for extra introspection into the conundrum arise.

    Source(s): Just another gentleman father who seeks the best for his daughter.
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    You sound like my first girlfriends dad. He was one of the coolest guys I'd ever met. I wouldn't say that you are intimidating, it's just these guys she brings to meet don't have any balls!

    It's your job as a father to protect and provide. Tattoos don't mean someone is evil, beer doesn't make people angry, being 6'1" and 220# might be a little overbearing, a hand crushing hand shake and glaring into their eyes, striking life ending fear into these pansies eyes might be a little much.

    In the future, when she brings home a guy that offers his hand first and gives you an honest mans hand shake and looks right into your eyes, holds himself with a bit of decency and speaks clearly, slap him on the shoulder and go easy on the guy. Kick his *** out if he doesn't know what a vinyl record is.

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    Whoa... if I were her boyfriend (I wouldn't be, just go along with it), I'd be intimidated as well, at first. Here the catch though, as a man I would know how to treat a lady (I do), with that in mind after getting to know her father there's nothing to be afraid of. She's been dating cowards who probably can't even look you in the eye like a man while conversing. Your daughter is important to you, I bet, and she deserves the best guy out there. When he runs away scared, that's when you know...

    Source(s): That's he not good enough for her. He's not mature or brave enough to overcome the obstacles and uncover the diamonds of mutual love and earn your respect. Keep doing what you're doing sir, separating the boys from men.
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    Here's the thing... and I'll preface this by saying that I do realize you're most likely joking, and killing time.

    Every father tries to put on the intimidation act to protect their daughter's innocence. The problem is... every father should remember that when he was a young man, he dated girls, tried to get laid, and thought he was invincible.

    And he probably wasn't very scared of the intimidating fathers he encountered. Kids these days aren't any more afraid of you, than you were of your father-in-law, or the dads of whatever various girls you deflowered and never called again.

    In my personal experiences with this... I had a lot more respect for the fathers who were decent, trusting, and didn't automatically assume that I was just going to f*** their daughter and hit the bricks.

    On more than one occasion, I told people to their faces, that I was going to pound their daughter like a ****... just because they were trying to scare me, which I didn't appreciate, and which didn't work.

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    Don't feel bad. My dad did the same thing to guys that I took home. At the time i hatted it but now I look back and it is the best memory ever. It might just be your face it might just look scary. There is nothing you can do about that. Let the guys be scared of you it really dont matter because you know your not going to do anything mean. :)

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    You sound just like my dad, he did the same things to me. However I knew when I had found the right guy (at 26) because he respectfully stood up to my dad and wouldn't be intimidated. I kinda think that is what my dad was looking for... a mans man that could stand up for his little girl. She is just going to have to suffer through this until she grows much older and meets that special guy.

    P.S. It probably didn't hurt that my other half was a bigger guy than my dad. ;)

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    Ohmyeffinggod. Are all fathers this stupid?

    Are you serious? You were interrogating the boys, AND showing them your fricking gun collection.

    Why on EARTH would you have guns in your house anyway?

    Also, don't bench press, don't talk about anger management classes, and cover up your tattoos until her fifth date.

    But more to the fact, meet the guy on her second or third date, not on the first. She can have a little of her judgement too.

    I'm not hating on you, but if I were her I'd be a little mad.

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    Stop cleaning your guns or sharpening your knives when they are come over.

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