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seeking first the Kingdom of God?

i want to share this sermon for you Catholics out there and see what you guys think, epecially for priests. I was a Catholic once, and though i may be different, i remember singing the song "seek ye first the kingdom of god...." during mass, so i suppose that "seeking first gods kingdom" is a similar belief the Catholic church has. Given that, i am curious to see how catholic church goers, elders would take this, the link is below. Please listen to enough of it first before you make your judgement, i welcome all agreement/rebuttal:

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    Your link does not allow downloads. If you are going to post downloads for sermons find some that are more theologically correct and not supporting of heresies. Why not open your profile so that you could get emails instead of appearing to be a troll. God bless!

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

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    I didn't go to your website bur does it have something to do with God's kingdom on earth Vs going to heaven.

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