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What wind conditions will tour helicopters not fly?

I'm taking a helicopter ride tomorrow, and I'm wondering what wind gusts, and shears will helicopter pilots not fly?

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    The wind is not exactly a problem for helicopters or aircraft, as long as they can land and take-off heading into the wind. What limits an helicopter operation, though, is the visibility. A helicopter has to fly VFR (visual flight reference) and that means (at least, in Europe) a visibility more than 3 km, and a ceiling at, or above 1,500 ft.

    Turbulence is much less felt in a helicopter than a fixed wings aircraft. Here is why. An aircraft has a much lesser wing load than a helicopter. The wing load is the actual load per square meters of wing surface. This may sound strange since the helicopter has ... no wings, right? Well, it has. A helicopter, or a gyrocopter, for the matter, has rotating wings; the rotors. Of course, their surface is much less than that of an aircraft but they are moving much faster, hence creating a much greater lift.

    So, have a nice ride tomorrow and don't forget to tell the pilot that helicopters don't fly; they are so ugly that the earth repels them! :-) Tell him that you learned that from a fixed-wings aircraft pilot.

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    Of course wind is important Michel Verheughe for helicopters. You should be read an helicopter aerodynamic flight and you will see that in certains conditons, wind is too dangerous on the flight and on start/shutdown engine

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