What is "The Castle" in this image, which supposedly comes from a photo taken during Apollo 10?

There are a number of videos on Youtube that claim that Apollo 10 obtained a photograph of some alien structure, which is referred to as "The Castle". The image is tightly cropped and greatly enlarged, so it looks like this:


This image supposedly comes from a photo labelled AS10-32-4822.

If anyone can find a high-res, uncropped scan of the photo, I would appreciate it, because all I can find is a low-res copy with huge JPEG artifacts all over it. The Castle is not visible in the low res photo.

What is this object? It is so small in the image that I can't consider it as evidence of alien architecture on the Moon, but I would like to know what it is. If I were able to find its exact location, it would probably be visible on images from the LRO, the way the Apollo landing sites are visible. Can anyone provide any additional help with this?


Thanks for the helpful link, Clavius!

I can't seem to find The Castle anywhere in this image. It's definitely the right image though. Maybe it was a scratch on the film, or a complete fabrication by Hoagland.

The videos seem to want to point it out in this region, but I can't find it anywhere in there. I guess I'm not crazy enough to see aliens.


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    Note how the image is festooned with dust, scratches, creases, and other evidence of poor handling.

    The "castle" is really just goop on the film, just left of center. The UFO fanatics blow it up, "enhance" it, and sever it from all context so they can make up fancy stories about it. The "castle" isn't even on the lunar surface! It's in the sky portion of the picture.

    This is the standard tactic of "anomaly hunters" who have absolutely no training, experience, or demonstrable skill in image interpretation of analysis. They simply look for ordinary things in photos that they can spin to say are "alien structures."


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    Even before I looked at this pic...I knew it wasn't any type of structure on the surface of the moon because there is no structures of any kind that have been built there...by human or otherwise.

    I couldn't really tell you what this actually is because the resolution is so poor...it is hard to distinguish.

  • Lola F
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    1 decade ago

    Clearly a dust grain or defect in the film emulsion.

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