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is my amp 1ohm or 2ohm stable?

i have a california profile ap2000 amp

is this amp 1ohm or 2ohm stable plus i have 2 12" kfc-w3012 dvc subwoofers

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    It's 2 ohm stable only when the channels are operated in stereo. With the channels bridged, it's only stable to 4 ohms. See the "Minimum Impedance Bridged" rating under the "Features & Specs" tab on your link.

    The Kenwood KFC-W3012DVC subs have dual 4 ohm voice coils. The best configuration for your amp/subs combo would be to wire the voice coils in series on each sub for an 8 ohm impedance and then parallel both subs to the bridging terminals on the amp for a final load of 4 ohms. It's safe for the amp and results in the best power solution.

    You could operate the amp in stereo with each sub connected to separate channels at 2 ohms. In this case, parallel both voice coils of each sub to an individual channel. In either case, the power to each sub will be the same.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The amp you linked to in your other question will be much better than one.;_ylt=AtAIl... Go with the one I chose there. This amp you linked here will work 480x2 at 2 ohms but your speakers are 4 ohms, if you bridge the connection it will do 960x1 at 4 ohms but then you would need two 8 ohm subs hooked up in parallel.

    The amp you linked above could work if you just use it unbridged, it would be 320w x2 at 4 ohms per channel. The problem with that is you should always have your amp around 3/4 gain or less so instead of the rms 320w x 2 you would be looking at around 240 x 2. The amp in your other question I told you to get would be more around 300-320 per speaker and give you more boom. I think your always better off going with a mono amp for subs than bridging an amp for them, but if you can find an amp that does like 450-500w x2 at 4 ohms that would work great too it will just cost more.

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  • 3 years ago

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