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How does the execution of Jesus take away our sins?

God sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins, or so the story goes.

Was God really sacrificing anything? I mean, if Jesus is God in the flesh, and when he died he returned to his father... this would be more like me sending my son on a camping trip.

And exactly how did our "sins" get taken away when he died on the cross? Why couldn't God just do this automatically and tell us it was done. Why waste the time and energy to send Jesus?

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    Are you familiar with the "fairy tale" concept dear ?

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    There has never been a *single,*agreed-upon explanation in Christianity for the idea of atonement. Various answers as to how the death of Jesus is efficacious in the forgiveness of human sin have been proposed through the years. Any answer you get to this will depend heavily upon the denominational stance of the one responding. Fundamentalists will usually emphasize the *blood of Jesus.* Mainstream Christianity, not so much. There are good discussions on "Atonement" to be found in the Anchor Bible Dictionary, Vol. 1, and the Interpreters' Bible Dictionary, Vol. 1. These two meet the academic, scholarly standard, as well as provide a reliable bibliography. Wikipedia, not so much.

  • God humbled Himself by taking the form of man, so that He could walk a mile in our shoes. Jesus was tempted just as we were and this allowed God to experience first hand how humans thought and felt. Also, when Jesus died on the cross, and took upon himself, our sin. When this happened, Jesus experienced separation from God( for nothing unholy/ sinful can be with God). This was great suffering to Jesus, whom had always been with the Father in eternity.

    As far as our sins being taken away, God's law to the Jews was that a blood sacrifice must be used. For the wages of sin is death. Therefore animals were substituted for humans, and their blood was spilled instead of ours. This happened when Adam and Eve sinned. They were embarrassed for being naked, and God killed an animal to make them loincloths to cover their nakedness. God sent Jesus, to appeal to our "human nature" and show us how much He loved us. He suffered on our behalf and shed His blood for us, just as the animals did in the past. This is why He is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Just like a mother, out of love for her child, would throw herself in front of a car to save the child, God did this for us. Jesus said, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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    1. Sin is rebellion against God and is deserving of death.

    2. God is a righteous God, and in order to keep this status must apply righteous judgment, which would be condemning you to death. (Hell)

    3. God loves you and doesn't want you to go to hell, but He must remain righteous.

    4. As a result, He died in our place so we would have to die, therefore executing our sentence on himself.

    5. This could only be applied to Him because, in order to take our place, the sacrifice had to be perfect. (Otherwise the death would just be paying for that sacrafice's own sin) Of course we could have done it ourselves if we had the ability to leave a flawless life, but obviously that is impossible.

    6. Now all that is left is to say, "I will accept your sacrifice, thank you, and now I will follow you" leading to salvation, or, "No thanks, I think I will pay for my rebellion by myself" and thus He will eventually execute judgment on you. Hell.

    And actually, in scriptures, He didn't go right to the Father in heaven. He went down to Hades (Holding place for the dead until the price was payed) and brought the righteous to heaven, then resurrected and witnessed to people for I think was 50 days, THEN ascended into heaven with around 500 eye witnesses. The point of this being that He conquered death, and therefore so will we.

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    The sacrifice is symbolic, like others, but made more significant because of the resurrection. Make no mistake, jesus died a human on the cross, believing in the salvation promised by G-d the Father. On Easter Sunday, that promise was fulfilled and Jesus became the first of many who will be reunited with G-d in Heaven after the final Judgment.

    Without His sacrifice, we humans would still be wandering in darkness, condemned by our ancestors' rejection of the original covenant. We are now able to emulate the perfect human, Jesus, whose divinity was revealed on Easter Sunday. If we can imitate Christ, we are saved with Him.

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    He took upon our sins on that cross , God didnt waste his time by sending Jesus, and Jesus was willing to die for us. To better understand it, start reading the Bible,

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    Jesus is God in the flesh - True, but He BECAME a MAN - He had every single kind of nerves in HIS body as YOU have in YOURS!

    It was just as much a sacrifice for Jesus as a fire fighter who may die in rescuing someone from a burning building. Just because he is a professional fire fighter, and just because he is being paid to do that kind of work, if he dies while rescuing your sorry hide, it's no less a sacrifice for him! But from the sound of your rant, you would probably mock him for dying in the process of rescuing you! (unless you are inconsistent and unstable in your thinking, and you can't make up your mind how you would respond to somebody who rescues you!)

    And God had to turn His back on His own Son because Jesus carried the sins of the world, and God can not tolerate sin (which is why He must judge sin). (For the first and only time in all eternity, Jesus cried out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?")

    But you'll have all of eternity to contemplate your rejection of the ONLY One who can rescue you from the flames of hell (if you don't change your attitude and repent first).

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