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I like my hockey like I like my women and coffee. Dirty.?

The Habs/Pens series is getting pretty heated. There's been a lot of dirty and underhanded play from both sides, and more often than not it's going unpunished. Lapierre is being his usual flopping self, and Pittsburgh has gotten away with murder on what should have been some obvious tripping calls.

The questions:

1. What is the slimiest and most enraging thing a dirty player can do? Diving? Shots from behind? Faking an injury? Other?

2. What is the single most dirty play you can remember that made you so mad you almost threw something (whether or not it was called)?

BQ: Have you ever broken anything in anger? Do you have any regrets?

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  • Erica
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    I will say, with this last game, it's heating up... but honestly, it's been tamer than most match ups. The Habs have been hard to provoke. They were actually skating away from would-be scrums in game 3. Kudos to them, because the Pens do feed off the energy of heated games.

    1) I'm going to say it's serious stick infractions, intentional knee-on-knee hits, and faking an injury that are the slimiest. (Wow, never knew "slimiest" was an actual word.) I'm pretty sure serious stick infractions speak for themselves, but when I think of knee-on-knee hits... Ulf Samuelsson and Darius Kasparaitis come to mind. D'oh! LOL. Okay, so what Samuelsson did to Cam Neely was really terrible. However, you can't make me unlove Kasparaitis!!

    When I think of faking injuries, I immediately recall Mike Ribeiro's infamous "OW! OW! MY VAGINA!" incident. What a douche: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNw8ZZT8tOU

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    2) I'm a little too composed to almost or actually throw anything, but most recently, I remember hating Daniel Alfredsson SO much the 2007 playoffs. He had made nasty comments about Sidney Crosby, and unnecessarily snapped at an interviewer. He had/has a way of taking little cheap shots. He boarded Teppo Numminen from behind. He had the same goal allowed against a team that Sidney Crosby had disallowed against the Ottawa Senators. Then he shot a puck directly at Scott Niedermayer. (Though to be fair, he might have thought Niedermayer's beard was a feral muskrat): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27...

    BONUS: I don't remember ever breaking anything in anger... Upon considering things that have made me really angry, I do have regrets; I regret not breaking anything in anger.

    Source(s): Penguins fan. Pittsburgh native & resident.
  • Anonymous
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    The questions:

    1. What is the slimiest and most enraging thing a dirty player can do? Diving? Shots from behind? Faking an injury? Other?

    I think the most enraging thing a player can do is hit them with their stick above the shoulders. McSorley comes to mind. I don't remember who but someone went nuts on Mario a few years ago

    2. What is the single most dirty play you can remember that made you so mad you almost threw something (whether or not it was called)?

    I'm a pretty rational person. If I see a penalty that wasn't called, I usually will say something about it but then I'll let it go.

    BQ: Have you ever broken anything in anger? Do you have any regrets?

    I broke the screen of an ATM machine once. No regrets at all.

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    1. Marty McSorley did the unthinkable with the stick to the head of Brashear. I think that would be the worst from my eyes.

    2. I can't remember a play that really lit me up, but the most recent one that enraged me was Matt Cooke's elbow to the head of Savard. I was at that game at the Mellon arena cheering when Savard came on the ice. The play was intent to injure, no matter what angle you look at it. Savard was right about choosing not to talk to Cooke after that. Legal at the time? Yes. Could it have been swayed? Absolutely.

    BQ: My video game controller. I also broke my Bob Loblaw fathead hanging in my room when I found out he hated the Red Wings. No regrets though. I am a true Wings fan. *poops on a nearby Flyers jersey*

  • 1) It's a tie between a deliberate intent to injure (hitting a guy when he's vulnerable) and the sort of soccer-like theatrics of faking getting hit.

    2) Alfie's hit from behind on Darcy Tucker in the 2002 playoffs. Sweet justice seeing the SNES go down yet again, and yet another example of Alfie being Alfie (him firing a puck at Niedermayer in the 2007 final was pretty typical- makes the big brave move and then can't back it up).

    BQ: Threw a beer bottle after Game 6 of the 1993 WCF (Kerry Fraser's non-call of Gilmour getting harpooned). If I threw it at Fraser (and I didn't and would never advocate it) it would have just bounced off that pompadour he has. No regrets beyond the Leafs not winning.

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  • Snid
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    10 years ago

    1. I think when a player intentionally tries to injure another player no matter how they do it is the slimiest.

    2. That one is SO easy. Claude Lemieux's hit on Kris Draper. It is forever etched in my mind.

    BQ: Yes, I have broken things in anger. Only a couple of times. Once it was even hockey watching related. Another time it was a toe, my own. THAT'S the one I regret. Never kick a tire just because it goes flat.

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    1. Playing on the edge of being dirty (I can handle that) but being a turtle when it is time to pay the piper. You gotta back up your actions. Steve Moore could still be toiling in the IHL or something.

    2. Mike Tyson biting off Holyfield's ear.....LOL....I know it's not hockey but that is what came to mind, I got MAD for some reason which I cannot explain.

    BQ- LOL.....of course. Regrets? Again.....of course.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Cross-checks from behind near the boards are usually the worst. It has the potential to seriously injure a guy everytime a player does it.

    2. With the aforementioned act in consideration, I'd say Claude "The Cowardly Turtle" Lemieux's cross-check from behind on Kris Draper that broke his cheekbone, jaw, and orbital, and required a ton of stiches.

    BQ - a million things...usually i break video game controllers or throw light furniture

  • that's funny, i like my coffee like i like my men.. hot, bitter, and with enough of a kick to keep me up all night :)

    1. diving really bothers me, because it draws undeserved penalties that can really affect the outcome of the game. however, anything that is performed with the intent to injure another player enrages me. it should be an automatic suspension.

    2. meerkat and dynasty stole my answer.

    BQ i have flung my xbox controllers through my tv screen(s) twice. i put a baking sheet halfway through a door trying to kill my sister fifteen years ago. i put a hole in the wall of my new house with a shoe trying to kill a damn spider that had been following me for days. i regret all of the money spent fixing things.

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    1) Cross-checking, hits from behind, hits on a goalie.

    2) Cooke's on Savard really ticked me off!!! Hossa's latest was a travesty of NHL justice.

    3) I'm a civilized human being. I don't break things in anger (at least not since my court-appointed anger management classes back in tenth grade....and yes, I'm kidding).

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    1.Shots from behind and turtling are a couple of slimy things to do...Example- Avery/Lemieux

    2.Gord Murphy getting a HUGE elbow from Dale Hunter, Washington was up 5-1 and he left his feet and elbowed a non fighter, even Coach Paul Holmgren wanted to get to Terry Murray..Here's the video- Still pisses me off to this day


    Youtube thumbnail

    Another dirty play is anytime former Penguin Ulf Samuellson would be on the ice, he was CONSTANTLY going knee to knee with players, very dirty.

    BQ-Broke a window by punching it at work one day, no regrets because if I punched the Co worker I wanted to, I would have gone to jail and fired.

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