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This or that? Unusual boy names...?

Just pick one name from each pair. Neither or both is not an asnwer.

Alaric or Atticus

Easton or Keaton

Ivan or Johann

Azriel or Jeremiel

Magnus or Eleazar

August or Julius

Ambrose or Jerome

Gideon or Javan

Nikolai or Serafim

Louis or Florent

Cornelius or Cassio

Leif or Axel

I warned you, they are unusual names =)


Oh, if you're interested, here's the girl's edition:;_ylt=ArRsv...

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  • Best Answer's weird that the boys' version of this question only got two starts, while the girls' version's got seven so far! I've noticed things like that before on here, often with my own questions. If I ask a boys' version and a girls' version of a question, the girls' version never fails to get more answers than the boys' one. I wonder why. Personally, I enjoy both boys' AND girls' names equally, so I'm curious as to why this is! lol. Enough with my pondering and on to actually answering this question. ;)

    Alaric or Atticus ~ ATTICUS (Atticus---from "To Kill a Mockingbird" of course! I like how it looks moreso than how it sounds. It almost sounds like "had to kiss", or rather, "hadda kiss". That's what it makes me think of, which is why I like how it look better than how it sounds. Haha. It's a neat name though.

    Easton or Keaton ~ KEATON (Keenan is one of my guilty pleasure names for a boy. I don't care a whole lot for Keaton, but I chose it because of its similarity to Keenan.

    Ivan or Johann ~ IVAN (I used to have a cat named Ivan, actually. Ivan the Terrible. It really fit his personality. Lol ;) I think Ivan is a nice name, I like it. I'm not a big fan of Johann.)

    Azriel or Jeremiel ~ AZRIEL (This is a really neat name. It sounds a tad familiar, but at the same time it's almost like I've never heard it before. I actually quite like it. I may even add it to my list of guilty pleasure names. Jeremiel is just completely unappealing to me. I don't like how it sounds or looks.)

    Magnus or Eleazar ~ ELEAZAR (I don't find Magnus appealing at all! All I think of upon saying the name out loud are magnets and maggots, lol. I'm not crazy about Eleazar, but I do find it very interesting. I don't think I've ever heard of it. It's very similar in appearance to the feminine Eleanor, which is the first thing I think of.)

    August or Julius ~ AUGUST (August is on my guilty pleasure name's list. I used to hate it, but it somewhat recently really started to appeal to me. Julius is a sweet name as well though. It's not a name I've ever really been a huge fan of, but I must admit it's grown on me more since hearing that it's Emmy Jo's new baby's name! It's a rather neat name.)

    Ambrose or Jerome ~ JEROME (I know Ambrose isn't a girl's name, but the "rose" really really puts me off of the name. Both the sound and look of the name look too girly to me. I'm not all that crazy about Jerome, but I do prefer it over Ambrose.)

    Gideon or Javan ~ GIDEON (I like a lot of biblical names, with Gideon being one of them. It really is such a cool name! It's not one I can ever seeing making its way onto my own list, but I enjoy seeing it. How, may I ask, is Javan pronounced? I can think of like 10 different ways to say it, and I'm not sure which is correct!)

    Nikolai or Serafim ~ NIKOLAI (I really hate both, but Serafim sounds a little too prissy to me. I love the feminine Seraphina, but I'm really not liking Serafim. Nikolai always makes me think of e-coli!)

    Louis or Florent ~ FLORENT (Eh, I don't really care for either, but Florent is kinda cool in a way.)

    Cornelius or Cassio ~ CORNELIUS (Cornelius is really neat. I really don't like Cassio.)

    Leif or Axel ~ LEIF (I really can't stand either, but I chose the lesser of the two evils.)

    Fun question! :-)

    I don't have time right now, but I hope to answer the girls' version later on if it's still open!

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    Alaric: I've always liked this name and I've never seen anyone ask about it! Both Alan and Eric are family names, and I admit I considered it for my son as a nice combination of the two sounds.


    Ivan: I know a little boy named Ivan; his mom is from Russia.

    Jeremiel: I don't like either, but Azriel is the name of the angel of Death and Gargamel's cat. :)

    Magnus: A great Roman name, but not so great for a little boy.

    August: I like it. I prefer Augustus though.

    Ambrose: It's got a rather cool sound; I wonder if it will ever come back in style?


    Nikolai: I like this more than Nicholas, but I'm not bold enough to ever use it.

    Louis: A nice, strong name.

    Cornelius: I like saying this name out loud; it's got a fun combination of sounds. I'd never use it though.


    Very fun.

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  • Atticus












  • Alaric or Atticus ~ Alaric

    Easton or Keaton ~ Keaton

    Ivan or Johann ~ Johann

    Azriel or Jeremiel ~ Azriel

    Magnus or Eleazer ~ Magnus

    August or Julius ~ Julius

    Ambrose or Jerome ~ Jerome

    Gideon or Javan ~ Gideon

    Nikolai or Serafim ~ Nikolai

    Louis or Florent ~ Louis

    Cornelius or Cassio ~ Cassio

    Leif or Axel ~ Axel

    Fun :)

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    Alaric or Atticus: ATTICUS. Because of To Kill A Mockingbird :-)

    Easton or Keaton: EASTON.

    Ivan or Johann: JOHANN. I like this name.

    Azriel or Jeremiel: AZRIEL.

    Magnus or Eleazar: MAGNUS.

    August or Julius: AUGUST.

    Ambrose or Jerome: JEROME.

    Gideon or Javan: GIDEON.

    Nikolai or Serafim: NKOLAI

    Louis or Florent: LOUIS

    Cornelius or Cassio: CASSIO. I guess.

    Leif or Axel: LEIF.

    Source(s): My thoughts.
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    Atticuss - sounds cooler

    Easton - i really don't like the name Keaton

    Ivan - Johann is an extremely common name where i live (pronounce Yo-Hun not Jo-Han)

    Jeremiel - Azriel sounds too feminine

    Magnus - I don't like either but the other is too feminine again

    August - Julius is ok

    Jerome - Ambrose sounds too fem again

    Javan - I really like that name

    Nikolai - I like ir

    Louis - Other is too fem

    Cassio - I HATE the name Cornelius


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    I'm with your partner. Now, if you get to keep the middle, whatever lol. Most people don't go by their middle names anyhow. Jago...Yah-go or Jag-oh? Ellis Jago Caspar Jago Cyrus Jago Osiris Jago Foster Jago Dexter Jago Edson Jago Lyle Jago Thaddeus Jago Silas Jago Holden Jago Auden Jago Levi Jago Cornelius Jago Demetrius Jago Rhett Jago Zane Jago Coleman Jago

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    Atticus --- Awesome.




    Magnus --- I like this!

    Julius --- Not a fan of month names.


    Gideon --- I think this is cool.

    Nikolai --- Great twist on Nicholas.



    Axel --- Such a bad-*** name.

  • I'm a huge fan of unusual names, and I really love a lot of these! If I have time, I'll be sure to answer the girls' version of this question :)

    • Alaric ~ I've never been a huge fan of Atticus - it's always reminded me of an abacus, haha. Alaric is interesting, and definitely fits in with my "new" style (it has changed a bit in the last few months - I like much more unusual, historical names now than I ever did before). I also like that it means "ruler of all". I'm quite sure a little boy would like having a name with that meaning, lol.

    • Keaton ~ Easton has always sounded like a "spin-off" of Weston to me, and I just personally don't care for the sound of it. Keaton really isn't that much better, but I can tolerate it a lot more than Easton. And it sort of reminds me of the poet John Keats, which helps with my "historical" criteria.

    • Ivan ~ Johann isn't all that bad, but I know some wise guy would pronounce it like Joanne, a name I really dislike. Ivan still reminds me of Ivan the Terrible, and I can't for the life of me picture it on a baby or a little boy, but it's the lesser of two evils.

    • Azriel ~ I actually sort of like this. It reminds me of Lord Asriel from the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, which isn't all that bad of an association. I think it's better suited for a fictional character than an actual person, but it's still okay :)

    • Magnus ~ I love this! I've only really considered it over the last few days, but it's rapidly becoming a favourite. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to replace Maximilian on my list with Magnus, or just use it as a middle name. At the rate I'm going, it'll probably end up on my list, I find it extremely charming and definitely out-of-the-box. I also love that it can have the super-cute nickname Max.

    • August ~ Tough choice because I like them both. August is just a teensy bit more masculine to me, and I still have to really try hard not to think of an "Orange Julius" when I hear Julius. But since it's Emmy Jo's little boy's name I can't help but kind of like it, haha :) One of the best characters I've ever come up with was named August so I kind of have a soft spot for it anyway :)

    • Jerome ~ I don't really care for either, honestly, but I can tolerate Jerome the most out of the two. Ambrose always sounds like the man would be slow-witted and have a deep, monotonous voice to me.

    • Gideon ~ I always think of a "giddy" little boy when I hear this name - someone who's perpetually happy and smiling. Javan sounds like a caveman or a kind of coffee to me, haha.

    • Nikolai ~ I love just about every variant of Nicholas, this included. It sounds like a Russian prince or something to me. Serafim reminds me too much of Seraphina for me to take it seriously as a male name.

    • Louis ~ Only if it's pronounced "LOO ee"; I despise the pronunciation "LOO iss". If you're saying it the latter way, then I choose Florent. Louis pronounced the first way sounds very quirky and dashingly French to me, I really like it, especially as a middle name.

    • Cassio ~ Cornelius reminds me of a stuffy, 18th century lawyer in a powdered wig. It's very "hoity-toity" and the boy would forever be nicknamed Corny. At least Cassio could go by Cash.

    • Axel ~ This name is actually growing on me. I still think of car parts and figure skating techniques when I hear it, but I'm also starting to think of an actual person, too, haha.

    My favourites would have to be:







    Great question! :)

    ɛïɜ Tнαℓια'ა Mυაε

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