Remote Desktop using Internet Connection instead of Network Connection?

So say if I left my laptop at home with an active internet connection and I was on the road with another laptop and it had a internet connection. Remember that the road laptop isn't on the same network as my home laptop. Is there anyway I can remotely access my home laptop remotely? They have different OSes. One has Mac OX 10.6.3 and the other has windows 7. I want to access my mac os at home through my windows 7 laptop on the road. Is it possible.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You can simply configure port forwarding to forward port 3389 to your home computer's internal IP address. Also you must know your external IP address.

    Then to access the home computer from anywhere, you simply launch the Remote Desktop program on the road laptop, type in your public IP address and then you can access the home laptop.

    Eg. (for my own router, Public IP - 89.165.32.XX)

    Enable Virtual server

    Private IP: (IP of home laptop)

    Private Port: TCP 3389

    Public Port: TCP 3389

    Schedule: Always

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    4 years ago

    LogMeIn Free is a great way to easily set up a remote connection. All you have to do is setup a account, and walk your friend through setting it up on his end. This way you will be able to initiate the connection from any PC on the internet at any time. Once its installed you need no input from your friend to be able to start the connection and LogMeIn is very user friendly.

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