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in the united kingdom can the royal family run for prime minister?

example could prince Charles run for prime minister or is there a rule against that sort of thing

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    10 years ago
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    This is a tricky question actually. It is generally accepted that the Queen must remain politically impartial but that doesn't mean her family have to.

    i.e. There is nothing stopping Zara or Peter Philips running for election as they are commoners.

    Being in the line of succession, does not exclude anyone from running for Parliamentary election. However, you cannot be a Prime Minister and sit or have a right to a seat in the Lords. Therefore, this would exclude the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Earl of Wessex.

    I'm not sure whether it would exclude anyone who held the title Prince/Princess with the style Royal Highness alone because strictly speaking, they are not Lords.. they are Royal Princes/Princesses which is different. Aristocratic and Royal titles are not the same. They are different by virtue of their rank and positions in society.

    However, such a person could renounce any such titles at any given time and run for Prime Ministerial election. In such a case, yes a member of the Royal family could run for election. There is nothing stopping Princess Anne's children running for election however.

    Side note of interest: David Cameron is an illegitimate descendant of William IV and Dorothy Jordan. Had he recieved a majority vote and became Prime Minister he would be a cousin to the Queen as well as the Prime Minister.

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    4 years ago

    It isn't necessary for the country to have a monarchy. The United Kingdom would cease to exist, though, and it is unlikely that the Home Nations would unite again without the diffusing presence of monarchy due to nationalism. People may say that British culture is enough to unite them, but that's an uncertainty. Getting rid of the monarchy would not be cost-effective either. It would call for a complete restructuring of the police and military, with endless uniform and badge changes, as well as alterations to many parts of the government. That isn't to mention the thousands of jobs that would be lost without it around. It is also argued that tourism would suffer because British palaces are not so fascinating when they are emptied of royalty, and there is less magic about the crown jewels if they just sit in a case. The nations that make up the UK would still function, but they would not be united for long. Some, especially England, would be devoid of culture that has been there since the start, and all the most glorious history could be looked at with dull eyes because the great majority of it is related to kings and queens in some way. The monarchy is a fantastic asset that makes the United Kingdom totally unique in the world and the British people would be unfortunate to remove it.

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    The monarch, and by extension anyone likely to be monarch, has to be totally impartial and above politics for the British governmental system to work in the way it does. There's no rule to stop it, as the Prime Minister is a Royal appointment - it's just convention that the Queen always appoints the leader of the winning party in a general election. But because the monarch has to remain impartial and Prince Charles is in line to be the next king, it would be just "not done".

  • Eddi
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    10 years ago

    First of all, in the United Kingdom, one does not "run" for Prime Minister. One is appointed to that role by the Monarch in power and then must get a vote of confidence (or avoid a vote of no confidence) in the House of Commons.

    In actuality, any male member of the Royal Family who has a peerage (such as the Duke of Kent or the Earl of Wessex), sits in the House of Lords and cannot also sit in the House of Commons. Prime Ministers in modern times must come from the House of Commons. Also, it wold be a breach of protocol if a member of the Royal Family, or any of their close relatives, were to do so. However, one could see a scenario where Peter Philips might decide to run for Parliament if his grandmother were no longer alive and be asked to form a government by his first cousin, the future King William . However, this is highly unlikely to happen since it would be unseemly to do so.,

    In theory, the Monarch could appoint whomever they wanted to to be Prime Minister, and if they secured the confidence of Parliament, anyone cold get the job.

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    10 years ago

    You have to be a member of the house of commons to become PM, and since people with titles aren't able to run for the commons perhaps the royal family are barred, although I'm not sure if that rule applies to purely royal titles like Prince and Princess or just titles of the aristocracy like Duke. Of course they could always renounce their title.

  • While I accept that they are figure heads.. as other people have stated... I honestly don't know if there is a rule that would prevent them from actually running for parliament... as in IF they joined a party and were ELECTED in as a politician ..

    They can't just barge their way in .. they have lost their heads for that in the past.. BUT as for being actually elected by the people... ?????

    Interesting Q....

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    Its called "The House Of Commons" for a reason: Only commoners can sit as MPs and hense be prime minister.

    The Queen isn't even allowed to enter the house of commons

  • 10 years ago

    No royalty cannot be Prime Minister. They are figure heads They carry no power, thank goodness. I am in NZ and would love us to be a republic. Royalty are bludgers !!!!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Absolutely not!

    Members of the Royal Family are figureheads only.

    Mind you, it would give dear old Chazza something to do, wouldn't it.

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