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My name is xxx, I was born in Osaka Japan, on July 30th, 1982. I spent my childhood and school years there. . My father is an architect and my mother is a housewife. As a student, I tried to get good grades at school. history is my favorite subject because I can gain lots of knowledge from this class.

It's been said, "knowledge is power". I agree with them. Therefore, I try to read lots of books and newspapers.

Life is more than school so in my free time, I like billiards and reading. By billiards I can stay healthy and energetic. I also enjoy reading. It helps me gain more information and knowledge.

During my studies, I went to billiards club. Although my school work load was heavy, I still kept a balance between my studies and extracurricular activities.

I am a mature person and I am confident that I can pursue my goals. In order to achieve them, I accept all challenges and never give up. I believe that I will continue being a friendly and kindly person. With my strong determination, I can fulfill my goals in the near future.

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    人們說: "知識就是力量",我同意他們,因此我常閱讀許多書籍和報紙。



    我是一個成熟的人,並且我有自信可以追求我的目標。為了達成目標,我接受所有的挑戰並且從不放棄。 我相信我將持續成為一個友善及親切的人,有了強烈的決心,我將可以在不久的將來實現我的目標。

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