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填寫綠卡申請 I-485問題


填寫I-485的時候 表格中有問到

PART3: Processing Information

他在台灣有當過兵 是否需要填寫YES?


然後PARTC: Q15/16又問了一次...




上面Q15若是填YES 我需要解釋 上面說要另一張紙補充說明 可是我看說明並沒有講說要怎麼填寫耶! 您是否有經驗過呢? Thank you!

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    You can correct except Question 16 (Part 3 Section C).

    For Part C, you don't have to explain. Simply file out the boxes and he will be fine.

    Question 15 is the one you have to explain (not necessary meaning you have to provide proof). In this case, simply explain it is his obligation to do so (or something like that).

    Answer no to Question 16. Question 16 imply that the person may be a terrorist.

    2010-05-09 00:51:23 補充:

    I don't have the experience.

    But since Taiwan requires all male to serve in the military, you can just simply explain the following:

    1. Serving time

    2. Highest rank

    3. Occupation in miltary

    Then it will be fine.

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