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What is a nice first car to buy?

I really wanted to get an Audi TT for around 3.5k but the insurance was around 8-9,000 what is just too much :(

So i am wondering what would be a decent car to get as my first one that looks nice and is not stupidly expensive to insure.

My budget would be around 0-3,000 (maybe more if the car is very nice, such as the Audi TT)

And also just wondering

I really do want to get the audi TT, i would save up for it and everything (not 8k though for the insurance... that is just to much) but was wondering when the insurance would ever drop... would it take years? :[


£3000 not $3000, so around $4500

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    The Audi TT is one of the cutest cars on the market, no doubt. However, it has an Auto Reliability Grade Point Average of 1.67 (on the usual 0.00 to 4.00 scale), so it may be expensive to maintain. And generally, vehicles by Volkswagen AG are on the lower end of reliability, with higher frequencies of serious problems reported by Consumer Reports subscribers.

    Some suggestions are:

    One of the Honda Civics

    The Honda Fit hatchback

    The Toyota Yaris, sedan or hatchback

    The Toyota Corolla

    Toyota's Scion xD.

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    Chevrolet Impala. it particularly is okay on gas yet I actually have a Honda, it relatively is a superb gas saver however the Impala isn't that undesirable i will pass a pair of week with an entire tank of gas with basically slightly driving. Plus the Impala is extremely roomy.

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    not sure if this is going to help but I was in the same position as you, im young (high insurance) and I didn't want to spend more than $3000...I searched and searched and I finally found a car that I LOVED!!! It was a Grand Prix GT...that car had some power too, i absolutely loved it!!! It lasted for years too and I got an amazing deal on it...I would suggest a pontiac grand prix, not as old as a '98 but the 2002 grand prix's are super nice too!!!

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    a pontiac grand prix, not as old as a '98 but the 2002 grand prix's are super nice too

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    A Honda Civic is very nice and sporty, fun to drive but also very reliable and safe and good on gas.

    Your insurance would go down after you have a few years' driving experience with no collisions.

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    Honda Civic SI

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