West Point Military Academy, is it worth it?

I already asked this question in the "higher education" department but I am asking again here hoping to get more answers from people experienced in the military-

Ok, so lately I have been toying with the idea of attending West Point (assuming I get in). I'm only a sophomore in high school and some may think I am too young to decide whether or not I want to go to a military institute. However, I am confident that this is something I really want to do. But, my mother is adamant about me not going, saying that I will "get my legs blown off in Iraq". I have tried weighing the pros and cons, and I haven't been able to budge her. So I am asking anybody for suggestions on how to sway my mother, and, if you have attended the Academy, how was your experience? Is it worth it?

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    West Point is great. Sophomore year is the perfect time to start thinking about colleges, especially if you plan to apply to one of the most--if not the most--prestigious schools in the world. While your friends are out having a blast, partying it up, you'll be studying, traveling, learning how to lead, and doing something worthwhile with a definite direction. You come out as an officer and trust me, after your active duty, you can do virtually anything you want. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and trust me, not everyone will get it. if you do, i will be glad for you.

    You should probably tell your mom EVERYTHING is paid for and you get a monthly stipend. I'm sure that will convince most parents.

    If you're thinking about attending west point, i assume you're not at all an idiot and must be very motivated academically, physically, and mentally(not every kid wants to serve his or her country.)

    With that said, you'll probably get into a good but very expensive school. hm?

    Is there a chance you will get your legs blown off in Iraq? Yes, definitely. Is there a chance will get your leg mangled and maimed in a car accident on your way to school tomorrow? Yes, definitely. Everyone dies. How do you want to die? You Pick.

    Source(s): a high school senior heading off the the United States Air Force Academy this summer
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    You won't know if it's worth it until you do it. It's very prestigious and great for a resume' It is physiclly and mentally very demanding even after you get your commision as an officer. You probably won't get your legs blown off. I'm not saying you won't either but it's not as likely as people think. My XO hates being in the Army, and went to west point. He's getting out as soon as he can be released. However, I know lots of officers that love it.

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    west point is very different than most colleges. even other military academy's. at west point there are no wild party's, no staying out all night drinking. no skipping classes, many other extra curriculum activities that go on at other colleges.

    this is because west point is very strong in military customs and regulations. they simply do not tolerate it. you need to be there 100% for your education and future or they will kick you out.

    so with that being said. mom should be excited that you are looking at west point. she should be happy to know your college years will not be a fog of bong resin.

    also in 2 years of HS and 4 years of college. we will not be in Iraq anymore. but it is moms job to worry. you are not supposed to be able to buge her. but when the time comes she will let you go. because you will look her in her eyes, promise to call all the time and go off to grow up. she knows that. ready or not.

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    Consider the Naval Academy. Officers usually live in much better conditions in the navy than in the army and have much less chance of serious injury.

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