im wanting to get a tattoo on my foot....?

I just have a few questions though...

~ How badly does it hurt? Im getting it on my left foot, left side by toes.

~ Ive heard that some peoples skin doesnt hold the ink, like it resists do i know if my skin will take the ink or resist it?


and If you want, id love your opinion on what im getting done...

~ its going to say "...And Now I'm Free..." in the shape of a heart, with a white butterfly carrying a pair of dance shoes trailing....Its for me and my cousin who passed away 2 years ago.

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  • Emly
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    1 decade ago
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    yeah, it hurts. i have a high pain tolerance so it just stung, but i know a girl who cried during her foot tattoo and still hasn't gotten it finished because she couldn't take the pain. i have the insteps of my feet done (and my ribs...) and i didn't even cringe. just sit back, relax, and take the pain. itll be over before you know it.

    my skin doesn't take black ink that well. i've heard its hard to get dark colors into very pale people, which i am, and all my tattoos are black ink. they'll just have to go over the same spot a few times and you might need a touch up or two. its not a big deal. its like it 100% won't take it. its just more difficult and will come out sort of dark gray at first. a touch up will make it black though.

    do NOT take tylenol, advil, etc before getting a tattoo. that thins your blood and will make you bleed more than you should. ignore the post above me. that is a horrible idea. avoid caffeine before getting your tattoo also, as that also thins your blood.

    and any REAL tattoo artist will not allow numbing creams or sprays. putting something over skin before putting a needle in it is NOT safe. thats why they spray the area, shave it, etc. nothing should be between your skin, the needle, and the ink.

    good luck!

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  • Anonymous
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    I don't think there's a way to know if your skin will hold the ink until you get there and the artist starts the tattoo. If there is a way to find out on your own, I don't know it. But if the tattooist starts on your tattoo and then stops and says your skin is "resisting" the ink, or whatever the terminology for it is, then you can ask them what you can do from there. It might be as easy as him saying "I need to use a different ink," or maybe you'll just have to have it redone in a few years. That's a question to bring up to your artist when you first walk in the door.

    As for the pain in the foot thing, I've heard feet are very sensitive and they can hurt a lot. I've heard the same thing about every other part of the body too, so I think it depends on your pain threshold. There are a lot of bones in the foot and not a lot of fat, so it will be tender and probably sore, but if you pop some Tylenol before and after getting it, you should be fine!

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    That's a really nice design, and if you like it, go for it! I have 3 stars on my left hand, and it did hurt but it wasn't unbearable. Don't listen to anyone who says not to get stars, yes, loads of people get them these days, but if you're 100% sure then just do it! As it is your first, it might be a bit of a sensitive area to start, but don't let anyone put you off the idea by saying it will "scare" you away from future tattoos. I think the worst part of "bony" tattoos like that one is where the needle makes the bones vibrate and it can be a bit of a shock at first (I have one all down my spine). I haven't gotten my foot tattoo yet but as the hands and feet are very similar in bone/flesh ratio, I'd reckon that the healing would be roughly the same. My hand took about 2 weeks to fully heal, but it was useable after a couple of days. As for footwear, I would leave shoes and socks off until the skin has fully healed (after the scab has come off naturally) as any irritation could mean it takes longer to heal. At the end of the day, you will know when your body is ready and your tattooist will be able to give you more information about the healing process etc as everybody is different and your healing time will be different to everyone elses. One piece of advice I would give you is to go to a reputable parlour, get some references and before you give them your money, get some examples of some of their work and then ask for a quote. If possible, try to talk to some of their customers as finding the right parlour is important. Good luck!

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    i have my foot tattoo exactly in the same spot. it's a small little four leaf clover for my grandfather. it was my first tattoo, and i'll never get one on my foot again. (maybe.. haha.) it's a little irritating, but not so much painful. he had to hold my foot down pretty tightly, though, because i kept twitching from it. the plus side of tattoos is they stop hurting as soon as it's done! so if you can put up with about 45 minutes a scratching sensation, you should be golden.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it depends on the person how well u hold the ink.yellow and red are the hardest colors to hold. there are new topical sprays that have come out to numb the area. yes foot tattoos are painful. if u get it on the side of the foot it is less painful since the main bones are in the center.

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  • 1 decade ago

    foot tattoos are super cute but it does hurt a lot! but i have never heard of the skin not holding the ink you should talk to your artist about that maybe ts a certain brand that just sucks

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