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If an illegal immigrant comes to the USA and start selling hot dogs, how possible that immigrant stole a job?

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    We always have to complain about something. I'm sure that our taxes aren't just going to welfare and all of that. I'm positive that our taxes are being used by the state and the government for things other than our schools and things that will benefit the people. I'm so sure of this because I live in the root of it all. I live and have lived in Arizona for almost 20 years, which is my whole life. I am a tax payer and I have seen how Arizona has grown from a dull desert to a beautiful Valley. But lately, what I've seen is my hometown going down because of money being spent on things other than our schools, which are very much in need, hospitals (I worked there for a while and they are also struggling), and other public places. Where is all of the money going to? I know for sure that welfare and food stamps have been cut as well. I see soo many Hispanics that are also struggling as well as Americans, Asians and other races. I seriously don't believe that the illegal immigrants are stealing "our" jobs. Besides, since when is a job not taken claimed? A job is a job and belongs to no one until you're actually working in that job. Now if they fired you because they wanted to hire an illegal immigrant instead, then maybe it "was" your job. But if that's not the case, I don't see how it can be your job. But please, I am very open minded and it is merely my opinion. I like to read what you have to say and how you view things. I appreciate it. Have a great week!

  • They are a few things a lot are forgetting. Where did the illegal get the money to buy the cart and the hotdogs, Where did the illegal get the money to give change? Where did the illegal get a place to store the cart at night? Chances are someone else owns that cart. So the one who owns the cart and supplies is renting it to the illegal. So there for the illegal did take a job from an American that could have had that cart. See the illegal does not have to get the licenses or anything cause they are just renting it. And the one who actually owns the cart is giving the illegal a lower commission rate, and the same vendor owner probably is charging the illegal rent for a box in front of his store. So if it wasn't for the illegal the vendor would had found someone who was legal to work his cart for the rent. and you left one thing out of your question you just said immigrant don't you mean illegal immigrant?

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    They didn't steal a job, they are just smarter.In the case of the hot dogs sales. Not many people with documents sell hot dogs. They didn't have to pay thousands of dollars for an education that would have them earn less money. And they don't pay taxes because they can get away with it. So not giving them amnesty is a bad idea. They do steal other jobs. Let's say construction- people will hire illegals because they would pay them less than they would a person with documents. And they dont have to provide their employees with any more benefits because they are illegals.

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    If An ILLEGAL ALIEN Comes To The U.S.A.

    And Becomes A PROSTITUTE

    She Stole That Job From An American Citizen

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    Have a beautiful day, Pancha

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    Why blame the corporations. Isn't the central dogma of capitalism based around competition? If these workers are "better" and able to compete better, the only rational capitalist move to make would be to hire them.

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    Very, especially in NYC where street vendor competition is cutthroat. But I really don't care either way. The bottom line, and the one that the supporters of these people just can't seem to get around, is the fact that these people have broken the law and should not be rewarded for doing so. If they can do it, then I want to do it. I want to be allowed to rob a bank and have the authorities look the other way in the same way that the illegals are flaunting our immigration laws and the authorities are looking the other way.

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    Stealing jobs is so low on the list of problems illegals create in this country it makes your question silly. Get a clue and have a an "enlightened" day. Oh and an english lesson wouldn't hurt.

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    Well, those people who are purchasing from the hot dog cart would have likely bought their food from a legal business if the illegal ones were not available. Worse than that though, the illegals don't pay taxes but they use our hospitals, schools and often our welfare system and charities. I'm not saying that immigrants should not have assistance but they need to enter our country legally or let their own country care for them.

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    Illegal is illegal. For those who have gone through the process it's a slap in the face that they can come over with their drugs, rapists and murderers and sponge of tax payers without contributing. I'm not saying that some illegals don't pay taxes (even if they pay them under an alias) but legal is legal - end of story.

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    When he gets hurt or sick then he goes to a hospital and we pay for it by our taxes. Which causes higher taxes and some business owner can't hire another employee. So yes it does.

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