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what is the value that society place on human life that would make it (un)acceptable with assisted suicide?

Why is human life so valuable ... in relation to assisted suicide thesis? I'm fairly confused.

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    In a purely utilitarian society, assisted suicide is not a problem. If you cannot function you should die. In an idealistic society, if you cannot or will not measure up, suicide is also an option unless there is a religious prohibition. In a capitalistic society, all life is a source of income, even when dieing. We contribute to our economy from the time of conception to the our final burial and even afterward. To suicide is a crime because you have deprived the economy of a source of major income.(Maintenance of your grave or jar is a mere pittance when compared to long term care of the infirm or ill.) Entire industries depend on your misery, sickness or infirmity not to mention your labor and income.

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    Personally I feel if the quality of life makes living unbearable, then that is a good reason to help someone end their suffering in any way possible.

    I don't think you can really approach this from a group or religion standpoint.

    It's a difficult topic and obviously everyone will have their own personal viewpoint.

    Good luck.

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