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EsakiRan asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 1 decade ago

Any Goshiwon or Hasook-jib around Yonsei University?

Anyone can help me find accommodation around Yonsei University?? Pleasee.. I don't have friends around Yonsei that can help me find accommodation =(

Is there any good websites online for me to book? or its better for me to do it in person.. but my KOrean is quite limited and thus i need korean to help me

thanx for helping if you can.

please reply serious answer only.

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    What many foreigners do, who come to study at Yonsei University's Korean language program, is stay at a Hasook-Jib [하숙집], basically a private boarding house where you get your own bedroom, with a desk, bed, and internet access. The person who runs the boarding house generally cooks 2-3 meals a day, so you do not have to necessarily go out to eat, but can of course if you feel like it. Sometimes the owner will do your laundry for you, but I'm not too sure, it depends which one you stay at. Of course all utilities are included, but the downside is that the bathroom facilities are almost always shared. Usually the min. price of win is between 200,000-300,000 WON a month, but I would recommend the more expensive ones if you can afford it, somewhere between 400,000-600,000 WON a month, as they have more updated facilities are generally much cleaner. Sinchon is regarded as one of the more expensive districts in Seoul because of the high demand for space, the lack of building space, and the 3 large universities located there (Sogang University,Ehwa Women's University, and of course Yonsei University). Hasook-Jib's almost never have a deposit, but some may have a deposit of a few hundred thousand WON, though that is rare. I have many friends who are staying at Hasook-Jibs in Sinchon, and if you want, I can ask around to help you find a good one, though your best bet might be to e-mail Yonsei University's Korean Language Institute (KLI), and ask for a list of Hasook-Jibs, and they will send you a list of Hasook-Jibs near Yonsei with the approximate prices per room and the telephone number.

    There are also what are known as Goshiwons [고시원], which are considerably smaller than Hasook-Jibs, but the main 2 differences are that usually you have your own bathroom in the room, though the rooms are very tiny, and what separates the room from the bedroom part is simply a glass bathroom door,so basically you are sleeping about a meter or two away from your toilet, shower, and sink. The second difference is that no meals are provided, but usually Kimchi, Rice, and Ramyeun are there for the taking in a shared kitchen. Also, there is a washing machine in the kitchen to be used whenever. But people chose Goshiwon's for their privacy, as you have your own bathing facilities. The only Goshiwon in Sinchon that I know of that is decent, is Soho Livingtel. The website is plagued by spam and spy-ware, so do not open it, but let me know if you would like more information.

    If you do a Google search for the Hasook-Jib or Goshiwon, there are sure to be numerous results, as there are any foreigners in Sinchon. I hope that helped, and of course you can contact me any time, as I am not living in Sinchon right now, but can help if you need. My e-mail address is

    Also, if you search a Korean search engine such as for 하숙집 or 고시원 you can do a search, though you will need to able to read and understand some Korean.

    Yonsei University should be a big help though, at least the KLI should be. Also Dave's ESL Cafe has many forums in which you can find much Information on Yonsei, Sinchon, Goshiwons, and Hasook-Jibs.

    Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your time in Korea!

    P.S. Have you contacted Yonsei about the i-House dormitories (The International House)? The i-House 2 just opened about a month or two ago, and the facilities are top notch, very nice and clean. Worth checking out, if you can get into a room.

    Source(s): Been living in Seoul for the last 8 months or so.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Omg when I attended Yonsei University, it was really hard for me to find a good place to live on my own near the school that was both GOOD and financially realistic for students so I had to live in the dorm lol

    well, I know that there are hasuk places in West Gate, but they're not good-_-;;; so don't bother that...

    this girl in my class lived in back of the school, it was hasuk place and they provide food like rice, kimchi, ramyun...just those, you have to make it on your own lol and it costs like 500,000 won per month. It's located right next to? or behind KLI and actually, if you go farther than that, out of the school and into where the traffic is, there's also an officetel (you know the main purpose is for business ppl who live far from home but have work there) but those you have to make much deposit at the beginning of the term...yea deposit was the main reason why I didn't sign up for the good places--and they required you to live at least 3 months too...

    anyways, if you are willing to live at least 3 months, then there are alot of places online that are fully furnished--eventhough not many of the places are right near the school, (you'll have to take the subway at least 3 blocks) but you'll get the benefit of living in a good place, but otherwise, start looking behind the KLI or you can see if there are dorms on other side (opposite of KLI area, turn left not right from the intersection) because some ppl live around there. Good luck!

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  • Marie
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    4 years ago

    it's a higly competitive uni. Good result is a must to enter this university. :)

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