About thrift savings plans (TSP)?

Can anyone else tell me their experience with TSP, how much they contribute, what funds they contribute to, how much they've gained or lost and any advice. My husband is military and plans to go the full 20 yrs and retire. We're 23 and he's been in for under 2 years now. Currently we have it all in the L fund, about 114 goes to it each month, totally a little over 2,600 currently and i think we've actually made an additional 215 if i read it all correctly.

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    TSP is good for Federal employee, 401k like private sector retirement plan, Low expense fee.

    I contribute since 1998. I made money on it even though the last 10 years, the market crash two times.

    I start contribute 10% of my salary for first 6 years with 5% match from federal government, for the last 6 years I bumped it up 15% of my salary+5% of matching.

    So give you the figure to pump you up, My TSP is about 105,000.00 for the last 11 years. I start it when I was 25. With my Roth IRA outside, my Roth IRA is 23,000.00. My cold cash is 30,000.00.

    So my total saving 158,000.00 in 12 years. So you decide. I am still saving the same rate, Your husband needs to save consistent.

    I split my 20% in G, 20%in F,20% in C, 20% in S,20% in I in the period of May-Oct (bad for stock)

    about in Nov-April 40% in C, 30% in S, 30% in I.

    You and your husband should pick up the book at the book store:

    Stock Trader's Almanac by Yale and Jeffery Hirsch. Tell you when to switch.

    Technical analysis for Financial Market by John Murphy

    Be conistent, save a lot and he will retire early with money

    By the way, Thanks for your husband service for the country.

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