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dirk nowiziki or chris bosh, who's the better pf now?

i mean now

remember dirk shoot 12 out of 14 in the first qame, and every qame shoot hiqher than fifity percent, and can rebound, wh better now now

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    Dirk and it's not even close

    Dirk revolutionized the PF position and lead a team to 10 straight 50 win/ playoff seasons. Dirk's rebounding isn't far from Bosh's because you forgot to look at the fact that Dirk plays with Kidd, Haywood, and Marion who are all above average defenders at their respective positions. Dirk is by far the better passer than Bosh and can create his shot much better than Bosh. Dirk is more clutch and can score from the inside and create double teams in the post and pass to open shooters (like Shaq/ Duncan) and he can also make perimeter plays and create for others from their like (Kobe/Wade etc). He is like a combo of a post player and inside player. Dirk is by far more efficient than Bosh and turns the ball over less, lead the NBA in efficiency two straight years before, and always shoots around 47-50%fg, 37-42%3pt, 88-92%ft.

    Dirk is also a great playoff performer and is top 10 alltime in playoff scoring at 25.6ppg.

    Just look at the %s this year

    Regular season

    48%fg, 42%3pt, 91%ft

    Post season

    55%fg, 57%3pt, 96%ft

    He is way more efficient and you don't use up as much possessions running your offense through him. He takes teams and puts them on his back and won MVP and did something only Bird did, which is average 50/40/90 %s while scoring 25 points. In elimination games alltime for his playoff career he is averaging 29ppg, 12rpg, 47%fg, 39%3pt.

    Bosh isn't in Dirk's category. For some reason (maybe his quiet personality or non athletic/ non flashy game) he continues to get down graded to being compared to lesser players for reasons I don't get.

    Dirk is a top tier player with Chris Paul, Kobe, LeBron and Wade.

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    i might say that's pretty plenty a wash, yet i might nevertheless pass with Bosh. and that i individually might anticipate Bosh purely as plenty for scoring as Dirk. Bosh is a guy that knows the thank you to attain interior of his variety and is not common to quit. i think of those situations that he disappears slightly is while he;s being lazy or not getting the ball as plenty. For adult males in the submit, if a crew performs tight protection, that's greater stable to get them the ball from time to time. a sturdy protecting set that places rigidity on Dirk can take him out of the sport. It not often occurs because of the fact communities could overcommit to Dirk and there is too plenty different scoring on the Mavs to try this for extremely long, whether that's exceeded off in the previous, and if different adult males do not step up, they lose. Dirk have been given a bad rap for his protection early in his occupation, yet watch him in the previous couple of years and his D is truthfully not undesirable. he won't in any respect have the skill to guard in the submit all that nicely, and he won't be geared up for that besides, yet he isn't poor anymore and he's gotten plenty greater effectual at help protection besides. in case you watch Bosh play protection he often provides up baskets going after a block. he's greater proper to play protection in the submit than Dirk is, yet once you have seen him play plenty, he does not look stellar on protection the two. Bosh has on no account had the expertise around him to make a intense run at a call, so we do not quite understand how he's in that playoff rigidity. Dirk has surely been inconsistent in the playoffs, and he's had greater effective than sufficient expertise around him(whether the refs did screw them, he nevertheless performed undesirable). you besides mght could evaluate age. Dirk is not somebody to construct a franchise around because of the fact he's on the downhill now. The contract he signed could desire to be his final, and beneficial would be his final the place he's truthfully correct to spectacular gamers in the league. Bosh could nevertheless have a sturdy 5-6 years of sturdy play left until he has intense harm problems. actually i might call it a wash for his or her skill, yet i might supply Bosh the sting for age motives.

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    Dirk Nowitzki by a land slide! Are you kidding? alright lets compare players

    when you think of jump shooting big men you think of dirk.

    BUT i think bosh is underated. He has the ability to shoot the ball.

    bosh is more agrresive on the boards. Dirk had a more consitent jump shot. he can shoot it with hands in his face, with the foul, and still make it. BOSH will not make the 10+ with a hand in his face.

    Dirk is an all around team leader. He can get stats anywhere.

    overall rating (out of ten) Lebron/Kobe being ten

    DJ Mbenga being 1 :P



  • 10 years ago

    Dirk Nowiziki no contest!

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