Faking? GIRLS & BOYS?

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How many girls out there have faked it? Be honest, I won't judge you. =] What situation were you in, where were you, and what were the results? And Boys, have you ever caught a ...show more
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Umm, Well nope. If a girl fakes it and I catch her, I'm gonna eat her t*ts off. :o

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LOL ew. xD
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  • Jo answered 4 years ago
    Girls take forever to orgasm. Guys don't. This tends to raise a problem.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    have i ever faked it? YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHH GOD YESSSSS i have ;)
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  • Weslyan answered 4 years ago
    i found out she faked it, then i faked it, and then i went hard core, and then there was a big black guy names kimbo, and he jumped in and he went all hard core, handcuff came out, strap ons came too, it was all a big blurr


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  • Teehee answered 4 years ago
    my friend said she faked it with one of my friends......now i get the pleasure of telling him, and expressing to him how i know of his 3 and half inch penis.
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  • Phill answered 4 years ago
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  • Jesse answered 4 years ago
    what do you mean... Pedophilia?... wouldnt turning 360 degrees be a full circle?
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  • ZX-10R answered 4 years ago
    i turned 360 degrees and walked away
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