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What's the older movie where Christopher Reeve has blonde-ish hair and might take place at an airport?

It might be late 80's /early 90's and might have been a movie or just a tv show/tv movie. I have this picture in my head and all I can think of is the blonde hair and that it might take place in an airport.

My brother just brought him up and now the curiosity is bugging me and the funny thing is it might not even be a movie I really want to see, lol. So why bother being so curious, right?

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    Christopher Reeve has blonde hair in "Switching Channels" (1988).

    IMDb synopsis:

    In this remake of "His Girl Friday" (1940), Sully is the producer of a cable news network program. Christy is his ex-wife and best reporter. Her desire to quit the news business and marry Blaine, a sporting goods manufacturer comes as an innocent man is about to be executed. Sully's attempts to keep her in town and break up her upcoming marriage happen against the backdrop of a botched execution, a prison break and a possible pardon. /./ The cast includes Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Henry Gibson and George Newbern.

    Here's a clip from the movie:


    Youtube thumbnail


    I'll check some other movies, but this is the only one I could think of in which he's a blond.

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