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Dog help... vomiting and infected paw!?

We were just at the vet yesterday and our little mans paw is infected in between the pads and looks like it has been for a while, around Sunday evening he got what sounded like a cold and then late Tuesday night he started to limp. We took him to the vet right away on Wednesday and was told to clean it a lot and were given some antibiotics. Last night he started this sort of dry gag/ cough and proceeded in bouts until all the contents of his stomach was on the floor... Over the course of about 5 vomits in 10 minutes until there was nothing left. We waited a while and then fed him dinner. 10 minutes later and without warning he projectile vomited his whole meal along with his antibiotic. So I gave up on the food, fed him so water and give him his pill wrapped in cheese which he did manage to hold down. He is still doing this dry gag/ cough this morning, which he will stop if I tell him 'no' and is now refusing to drink water. I haven't even tried food yet and I'm think I might have to do the whole boiled rice and chicken thing, if he'll even eat. He's a French Bulldog, if that has any relevance. And I will be taking him to the vet again asap but I have to wait for my boyfriend to get home from work. Seeing as we have a swollen paw, walking isn't really part of the program. In advance... Your advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!


PS. He has been on these antibiotics before, when he was about 4 months for these funny little pimples he had all over his chin, which are apparently common in puppies.

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    I don't see how anyone on YA can help you any more than a qualified vet can. He may have an adverse reaction to the drugs or there could be a more serious underlying condition present. Only a vet can tell.

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    Sounds like you are doing everything just right, but make sure not to over-clean his paw, 1-3 times per day should be plenty. Use your judgment. Over-cleaning a wound on an animal can actually slow the healing process.

    Source(s): Former veterinary clinic employee & pet owner
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    It's possible the antibiotics are affecting him badly. I'd phone the vet right now, tell them what's going on and see what they suggest.

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    ok on your #a million question it sounds extra like a seizure then a stroke..My one canines had a stroke and wasn't waiting to stroll after ward for fairly your time...the beating of the legs , foaming of the mouth and uncontrollable defecating and urinating is unintentional effects from a seizure. Epileptic seizures to be canines that had a stroke lived with them seizures and that is what led to him to have a stroke.. i'd take him to the vet and characteristic him examined.. also for the 2d canines, i'd take him to the vet besides and they can get rid of the ticks devoid of harming the canines in besides..

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    did the vet not subscribe anything?

    Antibiotices could be a great help. xx

    BUT please check if it is ok before giving them..

    Hopee he/she gets better:). xx

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    you need to ask a vet

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