.357 mag Desert Eagle or .45 acp Springfield Armory 1911?

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Straight forward question... What are the Pros and Cons between the two? I want something that has a big boom, reasonably priced ammo, and something I can carry in my backpack when I'm out and about for a backup. I currently have a Glock 19 as my sidearm for everyday carry. Thanks for your time!


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    1 decade ago
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    I am a proud desert eagle owner but even I will tell you the Springfield is a better choice between the two for what you are using it for.The desert eagle is best for target shooting and hunting. also the reason the desert eagle is sometimes referred to as the "jam-o-matic" is due to the 357 and 44 magnum model's recoil springs being to stiff and the feed ramps being to steep.you must use very good "hot ammo"for them to function right and then it can still jam unless modified. If your going to get a desert eagle get the 50ae,they hardly have any problems of the 357 and 44mag and 50ae is what these guns were built for. I don't know much about the Springfield other than it is a good known firearm and it weighs a lot less than the desert eagle.

    Source(s): I own a 50ae and a 44mag desert eagle and love them but they are not the right gun for this application.
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    5 years ago

    Brian, Trading a Kimber M-1911 is not "upgrading!!!!!!!" you are swapping a trim compact easily concealable pistol for a freaking boat anchor! Your Kimber weighs what? Thirty-nine ounces or so? Know what that Desert Eagle weighs? Try FOUR POUNDS THREE OUNCES, that is sixty-nine (69) ounces!!!! There are some skeeter weight rifles that weigh little more than that!. Unless you are built line an NFL linebacker, you can forget about packing that Desert Eagle as a concealed weapon, whereas short of total nudity it is no great trick to conceal an M-1911. The worst thing about Desert Eagle pistols is that you can't use cast bullets.Leading from cast bullets will clog up the gas port on your Desert Eagle and turn it into a manually operated repeater. IMNSHO the .44 RemMag doesn't start to shine until you load it with cast bullets. In twenty-odd years of reloading, I'd dare say I've not loaded more than 100 rounds of jacketed bullets for the .44 RemMag. My records are too incomplete to even guesstimate how many thousands of cartridges I've loaded with cast lead bullets. You say you are dissatisfied with your Kimber. Would you please expand upon that statement? Are you having reliability or accuracy issues? Are you in some way dissatisfied with the .45 ACP cartridge? If so, let me assure you that the .45 ACP has a much better record as a man-stopper than the .44 RemMag. If you really want to improve man-stopping capability, get a good .357 magnum revolver. Believe me, it is not my normal behavior to champion any version of the M-1911, and if you'd talked about trading for a Smith & Wesson revolver in .357 Magnum, or .44 S&W Special I'd have encouraged you to do so. But I think you'd be making a horrible mistake to trade a Kimber for a Desert Eagle. Some folks claim that the Kimber is among the best of the M-1911 tribe, with an outstanding reputation for accuracy and reliability. Since my experience with Desert Eagles has been limited to one shooting session, i won't even get into the reputation Desert Eagles have for lack or accuracy and reliability. All i will say on that point is that there must be some grounds for that reputation starting and becoming wide spread. Doc Hudson

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    They're both obsolete.

    The 1911, as interesting historically as it is, is severely outdated. The extractor is a fragile, finicky design. The .45ACP cartridge was fine at one time, when having 7 shots was OK, since your enemy had a bolt action rifle with only five. Manufacturing is very involved... So a good 1911 is unreasonably expensive. Most on the market are made with low quality parts.

    A modern combat handgun needs to be in 9x19mm Parabellum and have a capacity in excess of 14 rounds. Anything weaker is not sufficient to penetrate deeply enough, anything more is sacrificing capacity with no appreciable increase in terminal performance.

    Think about it.... What effective auto-loading handguns existed before the 1911? The P08 Luger.... And not a whole lot else. The P08 Luger, despite a good reputation, is really only effective in looking good... I am not aware of any time the action style has been copied. The 1911 is, realistically, the 2nd effective combat handgun..... It is foolish to think there have not been advancements in 100 years. Would you buy a car that was designed in 1911? After all, it was probably among the first. A "proven" design.

    The .357mag Desert Eagle is just stupid... It is expensive, heavy, complex, finicky with ammo selection, and has no practical applications.

    Source(s): Published expert on terminal ballistics. Work in a gun store.
  • MJ
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    1 decade ago

    Buy the Springfield Armory 1911. Pros? Pretty much everything compared to the Desert Eagle.

    Source(s): The Desert Eagle isn't even worth talking about seriously. Don't even get me started on that "Beretta 1911" thing...
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    I'm gonna get hated for this but... The desert eagle is a good well made gun. it is however Very special purpose, that is handgun hunting something really dangerous. i say it is a good gun, but i DO NOT recomend it over the SA 1911. the 1911 probably be plenty powerfull and much lighter and easyer to use. I would however suggest you look into the glock 20, 10mm. it is lighter than the DE and the 1911, holds more rounds, and is a bit more powerfull.

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    1 decade ago

    Personally, I would go with the SA 1911. Of course, I would buy ANY other gun than a Desert Eagle. NOT what you want to be carrying in your backpack all day. Try 4 1/2 lbs. plus ammo. NOT AN EASY CARRY!

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    forget the .357 pistol, IF you were talking a .347 mag revolver, that that would be a different story.

    Springfield Armory makes great guns and you can't go wrong with the 1911 BUT I'd probably get the XD before 1911..just personal peference thats all..

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    1 decade ago

    You can get the best of both worlds! Magnum Research just announced the Desert Eagle 1911!

    I'm a Springfield fan, though, so I'd get the SA 1911.

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    1 decade ago

    You're kidding, right?

    I own a Springfield Amory GI spec 1911... and it's just about the most reliable semi I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. For around $400, I procured an amazing handgun, and wouldn't hesitate to get another given half a chance.

    Desert Eagle? Unweildy, grossly unreliable, undeniably under-engineered firearm... prone to incessant malfunctions.

    EDIT: YES!!!! The hailed "Desert Eagle 1911" !!!!! It almost makes me wonder when Beretta is going to come out with their own 1911 series!!! *insert snicker*.

    Source(s): Avid shooter/Experienced Machinist/Israelis aren't exactly known for their engineers.../Old jokes. Sorry if some of you don't get them.
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    1 decade ago

    SA 1911 no contest. Half the price of a desert eagle, cheaper mags, easier maintenance, cheaper ammo, lighter, smaller and .45 is good enough.

    If you want .357 get a revolver. At least the revolver will go bang every time.

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