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What Is The Name of The Jewish Race?

What Is The Name of The Jewish Race?

Considering misuse and abuse of language and feelings, may I ask, “Jews are belonging to which race? Saxon, Germanic, Arab, Persian, Polish, Slavic, … ?

Why do anyone consider criticizing “Jews” is racist?

No insult or abuse please as I or anyone for that matter got the right to insult and abuse you back. I also believe no one is “chosen” and “superior” to anyone or “landlord of the world”, etc. etc. too.

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    It's not a race. They don't all come from the same ancestry as each other, or specific area of the world.

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    I believe it's a religion that was adopted by a small ethnic group or several small ethnic groups. In Judaism, the way you decide whether your children are to be considered Jewish or Gentile is that, if their mother is Jewish, then the children are considered Jewish. This has to do with the religion only, so no, it's not an indicator of there being a Jewish race.

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    Jewish people are not a 'race'. They belong to the Jewish religion and are often part of an ethnic group (except converts).

    Races are Black, WHite, Asian, etc. There are White Jews, Black Ethiopian Jews among others, even Jews in China. There are many ethnic groups within a race. Originally, Jews, one family, were very closely related to or were people now called Arabs, Abraham was from what is now Iraq. The men of that family probably had wives from current day Iraq, Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Egypt.

    Jewish people were originally from the Middle East, probably White or White with traces of African ancestry (like maybe in Egypt). Most modern Jews are a combination of Middle Eastern and European, either German or Russian or some other European ethnic background.

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    Race IS real. And Jews are not a race...arbitrarily defined that is.

    That's because we reserve that word for only the several larger groups of peoples in the world who are united by virtue of their geographical descent in the human family tree. Genetic variation is NOT homogeneously spread. There are extended tribes and we call them races and you can identify them by analyzing their genotypes. All the social science political correctness in the world is not going to change that fact.

    On the other hand, if I showed you a closely related and extended family of Amish or Presbyterians or Jews or anyone else and argued that they were a tribe, or a race, I would have a point. There are numerous genetic groups with a much greater extent of genetic homogeneity than the population as a whole. So, the common racial definitions are both real and, of course, arbitrary. Observers choose to have cut-off points that don't really exist. That's clear when you see the children of mixed marriages. But just becasue you can mix orange juice and apple juice, doesn't mean they don't exist!

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  • most jews, whether they be sephardi, arabic, ashkenazi, or other branches of Jewish ethnicities, are all descendants of the dark skinned hebrews which once were enslaved in Egypt and then conquered Palestine according to the Bible. It's kind of complicated, for there are also ethiopian jews and chinese jews, and jews of many other ethnic backgrounds, which may be descendants of evangelical jewish rabbis who went far out of israel to spread the word.

    Source(s): look it up on wikipedia, says there most people ethnically called Jews share middle eastern genes
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    The semitic race.

    But you ought to know...

    ... "race" is not considered a term that describes anything meaningful any more in sophisticated circles.

    Because of genetic studies, the more accurate term is "ethic background" as in "What ethic background are you from?"

    The idea of "race" has actually been discredited for some time!

    Source(s): University level sociology studies.
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    The diaspora or Ashkenazic are mostly typically "European" (white folk).

    The Sephardic Jews are Middleastern, indistinguishable ethnically from their arab neighbors I would say brothers but it sounds sexist to me.

  • Jew is not a race. All those people over there are of Arab descent

    Source(s): Anyone that calls you a racist for not liking Judaism is a moron
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    Judaism is factual based religion. It is not a race. Similarly if a Jew was born a Jew, and then converted, they are no longer Jewish. According to Ram"a, they must get another conversion.

    Source(s): Jewish law. Shulhan Aruch, Yoreh Deah, 168:12.
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    The great Bar Mitzvah 2000.

    Winner gets a kosher bagel.

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