Good insect type cards for a deck?Yugioh?

I'm Planing to build a insect type deck, but i need to know what are some good cards for it?

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    Insects got a lot of support in Stardust Overdrive in the form of the Spider monsters. One card you need to have in a Spider deck is Stumbling so your Spiders are summoned in defense position (which most of them require being in defense position to activate). Also, keep in mind that there are only Insect-type monsters in your deck so you can utilize Solidarity and other cards explained later. Ground Spider allows you to change your opponent's summoned monster to defense position once per turn, if it is in defense position. Koa'ki Meiru Beetle changes any Special Summoned LIGHT or DARK monster to defense position, and he also has a sturdy 1900 base attack. Mother Spider allows you to tribute your opponent's monster in defense position to special sumon her, if you only have Insects in your grave. Relinquished Spider is a literal bomb in mid- to late-game. If you have 4 or more insects in the grave, you can tribute him to destroy all opponent's defense-position monsters. Spider Web is the field spell choice of Spiders, it changes the battle position of monsters that attacked to defense position, and it can't change its position until the end of the next turn. Spyder Spider is the recycler of Spiders, as when it destroys a defense-position monster, you can Special Summon a level 4 or lower Insect from your grave. Doom Dozer is a pretty big Insect, and he is special summoned by removing from play 2 insects from your grave. Also, when it inflicts battle damage, your opponent mills 1 card. Insect Knight is a 1900 attacker for Insects and can be Special Summoned by Spyder Spider. Underground Arachnid is the synchro monster for insects, which means you will have to put in a couple of Dark Spiders as Tuners. Pinch Hopper is another great addition to Insects as its a free Special Summon from your hand when it leaves the field for any reason.

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    Insect Yugioh

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    Good insect type cards for a deck?Yugioh?

    I'm Planing to build a insect type deck, but i need to know what are some good cards for it?

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    Insect Queen

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    Not know many but

    -Petit Moth

    -Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

    -Insect Queen

    -Mother Spider

    -Earthbound immortal Uru

    Try add some spell like insect cage, field card for earthbound,etc.

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    i used to have an insect should make a deck of spiders (its an archetype like lightsworn and blackwing).spiders make your oppenents monster switch to defense.then put spider web in it.also put doom dozer its a good card it would be sorta like your trump card for the deck.

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