how long does it take to learn how to type?

how long does it take to learn how to type?

I know that this is wierd question, (It's a little like asking how long it takes to drive) but I am trying to teach myself touch typing, (a skill I've never really learned. I peak.)

I'm not having much luck. By that I mean I'm still making too many mistakes. I know it's not something I can learn in a day, but on average, how long does it take? Weeks, months or years?


I would love to take a real class. Unfortunatly, I can't find any that take adults. I checked with my local comunity college, they don't have one.

They said the skill was to 'basic' to have a class about.

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    I used to play Mavis Beacon along time ago in Grade 1/2 or something in computer class.

    It really helped with my typing, but I still sucked alot.

    Then I started playing video games and I got used to typing and also went onto many forums and websites etc. where I just had to type ALOT and after 1/2 years I was the best typer in my family.

    Now after lots of years I have about 85 words per minute.

    If your really focused on learning how to type, 1 month should be enough, in my case it was very casual and slow. You could first learn by looking at the keys on your keyboard. Get used to where the keys are positioned. Then type simple words, and type them as fast as you can. After getting used to the words and being easily able to type them out, try longer words. Keep your hands abit high above the keyboard so you can see what your typing. Remember to place your hands on the keyboard correctly. Then just keep typing stuff out, try chatting with people or maybe play a video game and chat with people. You could also type something out just to learn typing.

    After a while you could try this link (you could just skip everything and play around with it to learn your WPM)

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    Honestly it shouldn't take you that long. When I was young I 'borrowed' my sisters typing book from her high school class. I started with page one and continued after each page was mastered (the beginning is usually just learning a letter or two at a time) By the time she got home to yell at me for using her book (older sisters ;( you know) I was speed testing my self. Maybe you wont be that fast but if you put some serious time into it, get a book from the library (those online programs never seemed very great) and start at the beginning you'll be typing 80 wpm in no time.

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    When I was a teenager, I took a typing course in the summer time at a local High School.

    I had a cold and missed the coverage of the digits, but eventually learned them.

    I finished the course at around 25wpm.

    I was tested a few years ago at over 60wpm

    I suggest you look into taking a course - either at a public school or a private school.


  • 5 years ago

    There are free typing programs on your computer where you can teach yourself. Also, typing games as well as go at your own pace. Focusing is really important and memory. Just take your time

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    1 decade ago

    The best way to learn how to type imo is to play an online game that requires you to talk alot to people...that way you will be having fun to.

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    practice make perfect just use 2 fingers that is fast enough as i am using one on each hand to type this reply

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