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Who should my female parakeet be paired with? (Plz Read)?

my female parakeet has been paired with a cockatiel and that didnt work out, niether fought or anything, its just she always yelled when he would eat and he stopped eating all together and i dont want to breed her so what other bird could i pair her with? a kind of bird i can get at a pet store. and i was thinking about pairinng her with a ringneck parakeet, would that be ok? if so would i be able to get one at a pet store? she's not a big fan of toys, she has like 5-6 tpys and she doesnt play with them at all and she doesnt like me at all, ive had her since last July and she still bites me as hard as she can even though i try almost everyday to get her to like me.


I don't believe that stuff about not breeding unless theres a nestbox, i breed budgies and already got babies from one pair, that same pair has had two clutches already and even after i took the nestbox out they still mated and had 2 more eggs.

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    Why would you put two totally different birds in the same cage? O.o

    Get another parakeet. Parakeets are very social birds and she would love the company. You don't have to worry about them breeding if you get a male because in order for parakeets to breed you need to provide them with some type of nesting box.

    Source(s): Parakeet owner, and I have a male and a female in the same cage for 3 years now, no baby budgies yet.
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    Paired?budgie and Tiel make good "playmates"when raised to gether but paired?NOT in your life time or any body elences eather ring neck just for turds and giggles are you trying to MATE the odd types u have mentioned if so IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN budgie to budgie no other way is going to get you baby's better get that through your head yesterday or the day before!bites you hard u from your info u sent u are not going to have them for companions any way you would have started almost a year ago and as for her biting have you lost a big chunk of skin yet if not she is holding back budgies are a grass parakeet cavity breeder only if they find one do you know what a grass parakeet is?they nest on the ground in the wild the budgies colors are green, black and white best ground camo around i think you should stop what your trying before a creature gets dead and your next question gets you turned in for cruelty get it

    Source(s): Profeshional Parrot Rehabber
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