Super junior members?

so im getting kind of addited to korean music my fav is DBSK

so theres super junior 13 MEMBERS how are you supposed to know who is who can you please list me all there names and what kind of personalities they have and whos the leader and dancer (lead)

i heard that you can remeber them by groups cause some of them are chinese and they have own siging groups please help


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    The best way to memorize them is by watching their shows. I reccomend Super Junior Full House, Super Junior Adonis Camp, Explorers of the Human Body, and Super Junior Mini Drama.

    Here's some brief info about each of the members (the best way to really get to know them is to see them in action though ;)

    Leeteuk/Eeteuk--He's the leader. real name is Park Jungsu. sometimes called the Umma of the group because he takes such good care of his members. \nickname is The angel who lost his wings. He's known for his unique laugh(:

    Heechul--Loves his cat Heebum. He's very flamboyant and witty. He's arrogant, egotistical, and hilarious. He's the member who likes to dress in drag. If you see a member with way-too-long hair, it's probably Hee(: his nickname is Cinderella

    Hankung/Hangeng--Chinese member. He's really good at dancing (but he's not the lead dancer) He is the leader of sub-group Super Junior M. He's currently filing a lawsuit against SM Ent. We don't know if he will be coming back! :(((

    Yesung--One of the three besst vocalists in the group. real name is Jongwoon. He's my personal favorite out of all of SuJu ;) He's usually ignored on TV shows and stuff. Nobody really notices him, but when attention is directed at him on variety shows, he always hilariously fails at whatever challenge he's supposed to be doing(:

    Kangin--is enlisting in the army in October :(((( he was involved in (meaning he caused) a drunk hit-and-run accident last October. He's the member who looks all tough and manly, but is nothing but a big teddy-bear :D

    Shindong--he's the one you'll learn to recognize first. You see...he's the rather chubby one XD he's really hilarious though, and great at MCing!

    Sungmin--he's known as the charismatic member. He's really cute, and can get anything he wants from anyone. He loves the color pink (like, everything he owns is pink) ^^

    Eunhyuk--unquestionably the Lead dancer of Super Junior. This man is a dancing machine! nickname is monkey, and his best friend is Donghae. He cries easily. He's really good at MCing.

    Donghae--the member who always acts like a little kid. His nickname is Fishy because his name means "east sea". He loves sports. He can be childish or mature, depending on his mood. His best friend is Eunhyuk. His dad died right after he started Super Junior. It's a sad story, and I'm sure you'll learn all about it once you start looking into SuJu :(

    Siwon--"Prince" Siwon is what they call him. He has the best body in the group (six-pack abs) He's the really christian member who is always trying to convert Heechul XD he's known as the gentleman (personally though, i REALLY don't like him. the only member I can't stand...ugh)

    Ryeowook-One of the three lead vocalists. Amazing voice and composing ability. He is looked over a lot, but I don't know why because he is incredibly talented. He's the shortest member, and he's very cute. Even though he's not the youngest, he's called the Eternal Maknae, because he acts like the youngest. he takes care of the members and cooks for them a lot(:

    Kibum--Used to be the youngest when SuJu first debuted. He is currently focusing on his acting career, which is why he hasn't participated in group activities in over a year. He lived in California for a few years a while back, so he has moderately good English skills.

    Kyuhyun--one of the three lead vocals. The maknae of the group, though he certainly doesn't act like it. He joined after Super Junior debuted, despite major protests from ELFs who liked SuJu with 12 members. ELF learned to accept him as part of the group though;) He was really severely injured in the April 19th car accident (you'll learn about that soon enough, I'm sure)

    So there you go. Sorry it's really long but...I really tried my best to hold back and keep it short!!! haha Have fun with this amazing band! it's hard to learn the names and faces at first, but you'll pick it up in no time!


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    Part 1: Top 5 Best Looking Members #1 Donghae #2 Siwon #3 Kyuhyun #4 Heechul #5 Kang In Part 2: Top 5 Most Talented Members #1 Eunhyuk #2 Kyuhyun #3 Ryeowook #4 Donghae #5 Yesung Part 3: Top 5 Cutest Members #1 Eunhyuk #2 Donghae #3 Heechul #4 Sungmin #5 Ryeowook Part 4: Top 5 Members with the Best Personalities #1 Eunhyuk #2 Donghae #3 Shindong #4 Ryeowook #5 Leeteuk Do you guys think Eunhyuk is ugly? OF COURSE NOT! Eunhyuk is way too hot and I love his dancing... he might not be the most handsome guy but his charms lies in his character... I'm definitely Eunhyuk biased xD

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  • 10 years ago

    Super Junior has 13 members

    Leeteuk (leader)


    Eunhyuk (dancing machine)









    *Hangeng (from china)


    (*) They don't take part in 4th album, the rumor said that Hangeng is not the member anymore, Kangin goes to army, and Kibum is busy with his actor job.

    There is Super Junior group in China called Super Junior M, the members are:

    Han Geng (leader)






    Zhou Mi

    you can watch their variety shows like Super Junior come to play, intimate note, starking, strong heart, EHB, YSMM, YYMM, infinite girls, and many more. XDD

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  • 10 years ago

    I also started K-music with DBSK but now I'm in love with Suju because of their dynamic group personality ^^

    it took me the same amount of time to remember who is who in DBSK as it took me with suju despite the diference in number; first you'll go through a " they all look alike -.-" " phase which is typical if you are not asian *embarassed* but after a few weeks you'll be like " how could I confuse them with each other o_O?!!" what I did was look at MV's, watch some vids, you'll learn the names of the ones you'll like most first and then slowly the rest. you just need a bit of patience :). some become so good at recongnising them they only need to see their eyes and eyebrows . It also helped me that I kept staring at group pictures and tried to tell them apart ( I used to confuse Kyuhyun with Sungmin o_O" )


    lead dancer: Eunhyuk- the "dance-machine" but donghae, hangeng and shindong are also known to be the lead dancers.

    Leader: wingless angel Eeteuk (though if you look at a few vids with him you'll see he is not so much an angel hehe)

    btw, some elfs (suju's fan base) support suju 15 too ( + Zhou Mi and Henry but they are only active in Suju M(andarin) )

    personalities+ a bit more ( from what I've seen/read/heard) i'll list them according to age :P

    1Leeteuk: a bit of a player

    Youtube thumbnail

    laughs a lot, funny, a entertainer! hardworking, "never lets his girl pay" type of man, takes pride in his slim waist o.O, apparently he doesn't talk much "backstage" because he ... has low blood pressure o.o" (??), members made fun of him because he is "old" when in fact Heechul is only younger than him by 6 days but nobody ever pointed that out :|


    2) The one and only Heechul (aka Heenim- it means flower) known for his craziness/ moody-ness/, quirqyness etc etc, he is very straightforward, loves cats, likes pink, acts girly, likes to kiss members during his solo"crazy", likes attention and taking pics of himself in the shower, can be a bit cruel, confident in his looks, doesn't like to sweat, good with computers, weird style, very very pretty hands , social networking sites lover

    likes to drink soju (:/)

    3)Hangeng - quiet ... but I think it's because he still had trouble with korean, currently in a lawsuit against sm so he is not active in Suju at the moment , knows ballet and martial arts, a soft-spoken person, cooks for his hyungs, Heechul thought he was a good-listener ( they were/are close friends)

    4) Yesung, he is considered "weird" by others. funny story: he was jealous of Heechul cuz he had a cat so he also spent a lot of money on a turtle only that... it didn't do anything but laze around :/... LOL, has a lips fetish ( he used to go into members' rooms and touch their lips in their sleep- true story ... :/ ), very good voice, hyperactive at times, entertains you well, small hands, always losed at arm-wrestling ...

    5)Kang-in currently in the army so he is not active ;__; ; the prankster in Suju, very loud, he was known for his strength, likes rich (?!) girls with pretty feet (=.=); despite the fact that he caused a few scandals (DUI etc) he made things fun in shows, i'll miss him the next 2 years :(

    6)Shindong- entertainer, always making jokes, always talks about his weight , or more like, everyone keeps bringing it up , but he is a nice person who doesn't mind embarassing himself a little for entertainment :P

    7)Sungmin - a noona's man with a chubby face; can be both cute as well as charismatic ... but mostly cute xD , loves pink o.o , knows martial arts though so watch it; very good voice; the type of person's whose smile melts your heart ^^

    8)Eunhyuk ( the dance machine as i've said b4) his gummy smile lightens your world; he is also extremely funny (

    Youtube thumbnail

    ) very neat and organised with other things but his members make fun of his... odour o_O" ; he is gentle and caring and it is said he cries easily; but on stage he is full of charisma; he is also known as "monkey" hehe; friends with Kim Junsu

    9)Donghae - player (?) but full of charisma, can be really cute sometimes so watch it! he is a great dancer too, he gets a long really well with female entertainers, sweet-talks fans :P , funny, charismatic, great sense of style, talks fondly about his father who passed away, doesn't smoke,/ nor drink much; friends with Yunho from dbsk

    10)Siwon- serious, polite, likes working out and is known for his drool-over abs *__*, religious, likes skinship with members but is reserved in front of ladies, lots of hand gestures ( you will see everyone makes fun of his hands gestures :P )

    11)Ryeowook ; motherly type o_O, fans have this innocent image of him, don't know how much that is true; cooks for members and is hurt if someone says it's not good; usually very helpful, can't really imagine him as a bad guy xD

    12) Kibum, more of an actor than singer, he will also not be active in suju's new album's activities ; he is always filming that's why he is one of the least loves in Suju as a singer, but he is really popular as an actor O: he is known for his bad-boy -image but some say it's just an act, he is good at eng o_o ; funny vid with him and eunhyuk :

    Youtube thumbnail

    13) Kyuhyun- mischievous type of dongsaeng, witty humour, usuallly quiet; most say he has the best voice; was a sick-child, he likes computer games etc ec

    sorry for taking so long ^^ hope this helps you understand suju better

    you can create an idea from what I wrote and then develop it in time :)

    also, you should TOTALLY watch Exploration of the human body with Suju, i guarantee you will love it and you'll find yourself rolling on the floor with laughter :P

    here's the link to the youtube channel that has all episodes (not that many, don't worry :P ) in HD, with eng subbs ^^

    also, I liked full house too, n you can find the vids on youtube ^^

    sorry if i bored you xD

    and don't forget, tomorrow's the new suju MV teaser's release and their new album will be released on the 13th : D!!

    teaser pics here ( this is a great site for suju info ^^)

    also, allkpop is a great site ( in case u didn't know about them, if you do, it's okey hehe :P )

    and asianfanatics have galleries of all asian stars, including Suju ^^; you can also find communities on Livejournal and 6 members of Suju have tweeter accounts, even more of them have cyworld

    a photo of the whole group,

    from left to right:

    Kibum, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung, Donghae, Siwon, Hangeng, Heechul, Eeteuk, Sungmin, Kangin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun

    about it ^.^

    Source(s): over a year of spazzin over Suju xD and I welcome many more years though they are not so junior anymore keke ^^
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