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英文翻譯 急需壓

1.真的很抱歉 因為我這一個多禮拜網路都無法上網 網路時好時壞 所以沒辦法回信給你,用一下就馬上斷線了因為我目前還住在學校宿舍

2.我現在沒有男朋友 以前也有沒交過西方國家的男朋友

3.我很開心六月就要畢業 想要去銀行工作

4.哇哇 你之前有玩過鼓唷 好厲害壓

5.我很喜歡看電影 不管是喜劇愛情動作恐怖我都喜歡看喔

6.真的很謝謝你 希望我回信不會太晚

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    I am very sorry for the late reply,

    I haven't been able to access internet over this past week,

    the internet just been on and off when I try to get on,

    the internet here in school dorm really suck.


    I don't have a boyfriend right now, and I date foreigner before


    I am really exited to graduate in June, I want to work in a bank.


    Wow, you played drums before? That's really cool


    I love watching movies, no matter what kind of movie;

    comedy, romance,action even horror, I like them all

    6. Hope it's not too late of a reply, thank you so much



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    二樓的翻的還可以 國中這樣算不錯囉

    但有許多小錯誤 發問者是六月要畢業 gonna graduate in six month


    2010-05-07 05:31:47 補充:


    not gonna graduate in six month*

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    1. I'm really sorry. This week, my internet had been stranged, sometimes it connect but sometimes it didn't, so I can't wrote the letters to you, when I used the internet, it will be disconnect about tow or three minutes, I live in the dormatory now, so I don't have any internet.

    2. I don't have boyfriend now, and I don't have any boyfirend that's come from the other country

    3. I'm excited because I'm going to graduate in six month, I want to find a job, maybe go to the bank.

    4. Hvae you play drums before? That's so cool.

    5. I enjoyed to have a movie, no matter what type of movie is it, I could take it all.

    6. Thank you so much, I hope it won't be too late to wrote this leeter to you.







    是的話文法跟內容真的讓人看不懂= =

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    來 給你 :

    1. Really sorry because I this is over-courteous to do obeisance networks can't get to the Internet network good bad so can't answer the letter to you, used a while to break line right away because I still live at dormitory in the school so far

    2. I now have no boyfriend also have never handed over the boyfriend of west nation before

    3. I am very happy will graduate to want in June the bank work

    4. You before have already played drum very fierce press ((哇哇翻不出來))!

    5. My liking to go to the movie to ignore very much is the action of the comedy love terror I like to see

    6. Really thank you to hope that my letter in reply can't be too late

    希望這些對你有幫助喔 :)) 投我~ 投我 哈哈XDD

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