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我最近想要去開發一個新的外國客人, 想發一封介紹信給客人,所以想請各位大大幫忙看一下修改一下,thanks


Hi Peggy,

I am from sandy over there that your contact data.

I would like to introduce ourselves.Our company can provide the cloth making, clothing production, our product range is polo Shirt/pants/ shirts/ jackets.

We hope to have the opportunity to call on you to let you know more about us, so if you've recently planned Asia trip, want to be able to meet you and can provide you the required service, thanks.

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    Hi Peggy,

    I got your contact details from Sandy. I would like to introduce my company first. The company can provide cloth and clothing production. The products include polo shirts, pants, skirts and jackets. We hope we can have the opportunity to call you directly in order to let you know more about the company. If in the near future, you are planning to Asia, please let us kow. We shall provide the necessary information and service you need.

    Best regards


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