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關於機械工程 中翻英 "伸張效應、波動傳導" 20點 急

不好意思又麻煩大家了!!! 請懂理工又懂機械的達人幫忙一下! 小弟不才 雖然英文還不錯但要翻譯這麼深奧的實在不堪負荷~老闆又......請大家幫幫忙! 拜託不要用翻譯軟體,老闆看得懂滴!!!



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    In the development history of ultrasonic

    motor or actuator, because of the large variation in developing the

    structure-shape and many nonlinear factors which are hardly to predict, such as

    the tensile effect, wave conduction, electro-mechanical exchange,

    non-uniformity of material, arrearage, back-gap, energy dissipation (heat

    loss), contact abrasion, temperature increase, which are non-linear

    time-variation physical variables, so we suffer many difficulties in doing the

    mathematical description and derivation on the systems. To effectively analyze

    problems of the structure deformation by external force and the dynamic

    vibration behavior on the system, usually some special assumption are

    established to simplify original system to become linear system, so that the

    mathematical ODE or PDE could be used to describe and find the solution. And

    the parameter setting of the boundary condition and the initial condition and

    the assumption of material uniformity are often given and based on a special

    condition that the analytical solution could be found. Its result could not

    effectively reflect the true situation of real problem. For some simple

    engineer issues or systems, maybe there is not too much inaccuracy generated by

    this approximate solution of simplified assumption (At certain level, it may

    have the accuracy.) But for most real systems that are complicated, un-regular,

    and difficult to be described by mathematics, the usage of traditional

    analytical method will hardly find the actual and accurate solution, and often

    lead to in-correct solution.

    In the dynamic simulation graph shown in

    figure 5 (a) to (h), we have following important conclusions: The design of

    three-phase symmetrical structure and un-equal distance from the three screws

    to circle will actually generate a three alternatively progressing wave around

    the shaft driven point of the ultrasonic actuator.

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    And the consistent change of the three phases will form a spin force surround the rotation shaft, and finally they drive the rotation shaft to rotate.

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    In supersonic wave motor or in actuating unit's historical development, because structure shape development changeability and has the misalignment factor which too greatly many forecast with difficulty, such as promotes the effect, the fluctuation conduction, the mechanical and electrical energy conversion, material non-even tropism, sluggish, the back crack, the energy dissipation (heat los), the contact abrasion, the temperature rise and so on misalignment time-variable physics amounts of variation, the cause system in mathematics description and the inferential reasoning the bitter experience suitable difficulty. For can analyze the system itself related structure stress deformation effectively, and questions and so on vibration dynamic behavior, often will make certain special suppositions to simplify the primal system to become system of the linear, or will aim at the primal system in the partial scope which will want to analyze to make nonlinear system's linearization, so only then and so on will describe using mathematics in often differential equation or the partial differential equations and solves; But boundary condition, initial condition's hypothesis and the material isotropic supposition also often are in based on can extract one may under the analytic solution situation coordinate to assign, its and is unable to reflect the actual problem effectively the real surface. This kind simplifies, the supposition approximate analysis way speaking of the simpler project question or the system, perhaps will not have the too big error to form (still had suitable degree accuracy), but speaking of majority complex, anomalous, the misalignment, and with difficulty by the mathematization actual system, will obtain correctly, the accurate real solution with difficulty using the traditional analysis method, and often caused to have not the correct explanation production.

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