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I am Getting evicted for an "unpaid" water bill in ca?!!!?

I live in CA and when moving into my condo (I rent) I understood that my water bill was paid for. I called the water company that serves the surrounding area to make sure, and they stated that the property management pays for the water, so I let it go.

6 months later I was told that I had an outragious water bill that was past due and had to be paid immediately. Not to mention, the property management owner called my cell phone while I was at work, and left a message stating that we would be evicted for the charges against us. The following day he called me at work and was completely unprofessional stating that I MUST pay this water bill immediately or his attorney would be contacted. I have only received one bill for my water and the bill does not have my name on it. I also would like to state that I didnt receive one call to pay the balance from the beginning.

The lease states that all utilities must be in tenants name prior to move in. It also states that all utilities must be paid. Without receiving a bill, a phone call,or notification for 6 months, how am I supposed to pay my bill?? My water has never been shut off, so how was I supposed to know a bill was owed?? I really just think that the landlord is trying to take advantage of us. What should I do?

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    CA has weird laws regarding water, and these are what messed you up.

    You were supposed to call the water company and switch the bill in your name.

    In CA (I think this is the only state) it is illegal for the landlord to allow the water to be turned off. If the tenant does not pay the landlord HAS to, they have no out. Because fo this when the house is vacant the water company puts the bill in the owners name, which is what you found when you called. It was in their name because by law they pay it when the place is vacant.

    You were not receiving bills in your name because you failed to have the water switched over. You messed up and need to get this paid.

    Some water companies in CA only bill or call on bills every 3 months.

    And yes, you can be evicted for not paying the water bill, because the landlord should not have to, but is stuck with it by law.

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