Tap Tap Revenge 3 vs. Rock Band for iPod Touch?

I'm buying the iPod Touch 3rd generation 32GB soon and, of course, I'm buying apps for it too. So I wanna know, on the iPod Touch/iPhone, is Tap Tap Revenge 3 better than Rock Band on iPod Touch/iPhone? I'm asking this b/c 1st of all, Rock Band is $6 and Tap Tap Revenge 3 is FREE. 2nd of all, I heard people say Tap Tap Revenge 3 was better. So which is better?

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  • 10 years ago
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    you should get tap tap 3 I had it and it was so much fun there is a lot of free music as well as some you buy but it's really fun has a great online mode. The music is really good they are always adding new and different artists/songs and there is a large genre of music to choose from. I would go with tap tap revenge 3

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