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Please can anyone help me with the cafe code and other Trivia for 106.1 Radio Station for 5/6/10?

Good evening and Morning!

Thanks in advance of all of your help.

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  • Larree
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    10 years ago
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    98.7 KUPL PDX

    SLEUTH - king

  • Nicole
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    4 years ago

    WRVE, 99.5 CCT : I'd Do Anything For Love 4:10 : Almost Found 7:10 : Beef AOL Travel Trivia : Book Friday-Sunday: April through August, 2010 It was Legendary! : b) His head was shot off by a stray cannonball during a battle in the American Revolution Part Deux : a) Anthony Hopkins Champions : a) The Wheaton Ice Man Hot Music Trivia : a) Need for clean water supplies This Day in History : a) The Daylight Comet Games 'n eCards Trivia : 7 Publishers Clearing House Trivia : Super Prize Winner Announced on NBC B95, WYJB 9:25 : Rapid BTW : John Mayer FLY 92 8 AM : Poster 10 AM : Hang 3 PM : Winner 7 PM : Phone

  • Chris
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    10 years ago

    For The River 105.9 Hartford, CT

    This Day In History - c) Henry Ford

    Champions - b) Michael Vick

    It Was Legendary - b) The Bowmen

    Part Deux - a) "The sequel is twice-and-a-half more funny."

    Classic Rock Challenge - b) Rolling Stones

    Classic Video - Bloomington

    Vintage Video - Bloomington - Keyways

    Games N Cards - 40

    How Stuff Works - Fiction

    How Stuff Works II - You owe more

    AOL - Trolley

    Consumer Guides -

    Sleuth - King Trivia -

    Internet Explorer 8 Download Trivia - Learn about these new features

    Skin Care Samples Trivia - arthritis

    For Country 92.5 in Hartford, CT:

    Country Music - b) Jackson Hole

    Country Video - Lakeside dock

    Alan Jackson Lyric Trivia - My tank is full, and I'd be obliged to take

    Country 92.5 Newsletter Code - E (It's always E)

    For Club 957 and 101 Hot Spot in CT:

    Top Video on Demand - Lamborghini

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    Good Morning

    SanDiego Keyways

    AOL: I-Ride Trolley

    Champions B Michael Vick


    Games: 40

    Hot Music: C Fashion

    Hot Music Video: Pearl

    HSW: Fiction

    HSW2: You owe more than your house is worth

    It was Legendary: B The Bowman

    Part Deux: A The sequel is twice and a half more funny

    History: C Henry Ford



    625 Wing

    925 Apple

    B2W Keith Urban

    425 sensation

    River 99.5

    MCT White Castle

    CCT. Yankee rose

    940 White Castle Candle

    1110 tico

    mystery: Addicted

    710 overtime


    8 punch

    10 tape

    3 fish

    7 volume

    Prayers to all

  • 10 years ago

    US 99.5 Chicago

    Nascar - Tony Stewart (Wed)

    Taylor Swift - Daley Plaza (Wed)

    Artist - Keith Anderson

    Andy's - Rico Suave

    All Access: Eagle River - EAGLE

    E-mail Blast 5/6 - Throwdown

    106.1 WMIL

    Artist - Phil Vassar

    Cafe - Toast

    Town - Wind Lake

    Facebook - May Flowers

    Team - Los Angeles Dodgers

    Sleuth - King

    San Diego - King

    Alan Jackson - My Tank Is Full

    AOL - I ride trolley

    How Stuff Works (Lips) - Fiction

    How Stuff Works II (Video changed from this morning) - Steven Hawking

    Skin Care Samples - Arthritis

    Country Music Video - Lakeside Dock

    E-mail 5/6 - Troops

    Prayers for all - we all need them.

    jcm (Janet)

  • JC
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    10 years ago

    LONE STAR 92.5 - Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 05/06/2010 => Keyways Vineyard & Winery

    AOL Travel Trivia => I Ride Trolley

    Champions => b) Michael Vick

    Classic Rock Challenge => b) Rolling Stones

    Classic Video On Demand => Bloomington

    Games 'n eCards Trivia => 40 II Trivia => You owe more than your house is worth Trivia => Fiction

    It was Legendary! => b) The Bowmen

    Part Deux => a) "The sequel is twice-and-a-half more funny."

    Sleuth Trivia => KING (Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet pg5)

    This Day in History => c) Henry Ford

    Vintage Videos on Demand => Bloomington

  • 10 years ago

    Good Morning Everyone! Hope everyone has a great day!

    For WBEE 92.5 Rochester, NY

    SanDiego – Keyways

    Alan Jackson - My tank is full, and I'd be obliged to take

    Aol - I Ride Trolley

    Champions – B

    Country Music – B

    Dice.Com -

    Games N Cards - 40

    How Stuff Works II - You owe more than your house is worth

    How Stuff Works – Fiction

    It Was Legendary – B

    Part Deux – A

    This Day In History – C

  • Irene
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    10 years ago

    5.5 WYJB

    Listen 'n Win Code Words:

    Early Bird (6:25am) = Wing

    9:25am = Apple

    Back to Work Perk (1pm) = Keith Urban

    4:25pm = Sensation

    Trivia Answers:

    San = Key

    AOL Travel = I ride Trolley

    Champions = B = Eve

    Skin Care Samples = Arthrits

    Games 'n eCards = 40

    HowStuffWorks = Fiction

    H.S.W II = You owe more than your house

    Internet Exploer8 = Features

    It was Legendary! = B

    Music = A

    Part Deux = A

    Sleuth = King

    This Day in U.S History = C

  • 10 years ago

    Sacramento, CA radio clubs

    KSEG (Eagle), KUIC, ESPN 1320, The Buzz 106.5

    Eagle 96.9 Listen & Win

    Blue Plate Special: pink floyd

    Harley (8AM): acceleration

    Harley (noon): wide glide

    Harley (bonus): sturgis

    Harley (4PM):

    Alice 97.3 San Francisco

    word of the day: trail

    Noon tune: Southside

    *Attorney Debt Reset: reaffirmed

    *Jackson Rancheria: sundays

    * keyways

    AOL Travel: trolley

    Games 'n eCards: 40 fiction

    HowStuffWorks II: Stephen Hawking

    Skin Care Samples: arthritis

    Sleuth: king

    Multiple choice: ABC

    Have a great day!

  • Char
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    10 years ago

    Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great day!

    Please remember to give everyone a THUMBS UP!

    I hope the following trivia, songs and words are the ones you need.

    If you want the trivia answer, otherwise, just type ABC


    Alan Jackson Lyric Trivia - MY TANK IS FULL AND I'D BE OBLIGED TO TAKE

    Ally Trivia -

    Canesten Trivia -

    Country Music Trivia - B

    Classic Rock Challenge - B

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - 40

    Hot Music Trivia - C

    How Stuff Work''s Trivia - FICTION

    How Stuff Work''s ii Trivia - STEPHEN HAWKING

    Music Challenge - B

    P & G Downy Trivia - SOFT SOAP, ORCHID SILK

    Sleuth Trivia -KING

    Sports Trivia - B

    Tech Trivia - C

    This Day in Canadian History - C

    Word Up! Tiviva - B




    California Family Getaway 7:15am Word - MOVIES

    California Family Getaway 10:15am Word - GATE

    Legends Lunch - WHY DON'T WE JUST DANCE

    Last Song of the 2 to 10 (2:50pm) Ten - FREE LIKE LOVE

    California Family Getaway 4:15pm Word - SUNGLASSES


    Q107 SONGS


    Legends Lunch - COMFORTABLY NUMB

    2:00 PM - ROXANNE


    VINYL 95.3 -

    5am VIP Bonus Word - RESPOND

    6Am VIP Bonus Word - INSOMNIA

    6:40:00 AM VIP Bonus Word - SPRY

    7:00:00 AM VIP Bonus Word - WATER

    7:20:00 AM VIP Bonus Word - GAS

    8:00:00 AM VIP Bonus Word - BRIDGE

    8:40:00 AM VIP Bonus Word - DISH

    9:00:00 AM VIP Bonus Word - TRACE


    12:OO pm VIP Bonus Word - ERASE

    2pm VIP Bonus Word - PENCIL

    4pm VIP Bonus Word - DRAW

    6pm VIP Bonus Word - COLOR

    8pm VIP Bonus Word - CARTOON

    10pm VIP Bonus Word - POSTER

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