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spartan vs. navy seal (hand to hand)?

BEFORE YOU DECIDE. consider that spartans were raised all there lives (since age 7) as hardcore soldiers. They trained brutal and hard, and only the fittest specimens were allowed to be spartans. Navy seals train really hard too, but not nearly as long as a spartan did, and they used techniques that were based off spartan techniques.

If a seal and a spartan faced off in a fight to the death, no body armor or weapons, who do you think woulld win?

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    Probably Spartan since they were trained since they were little and trained to ignore pain. But the Navy Seal would give him one hell of a fight.

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    Navy SEAL. It is pretty simple really. Yes, Spartans were trained from a young age and the weak were weeded out. However, a majority of their training dealt with weaponry, formations, and battlefield tactics that would be irrelevant in a bare-handed 1 on 1 fight. Besides that, the SEAL selection process is just as adequate at getting rid of the weaklings as leaving deformed babies to die was.

    The other reasons are purely physiological; as history has progressed, people have become gradually larger and bulkier. An average Spartan would be quite a bit shorter than your average SEAL. Not to mention that technological advancements in excercise equipment allow modern soldiers to develop muscles that the Spartans wouldn't have ever built up through their more primitive training. As well, skill is a factor. SEALs, as you said, based part of their training off of Spartan hand-to-hand combat. They also base their training on the most effective techniques from around the globe. You take all the best skills that warriors have developed for thousands of years, cherry-pick the very best of that, and teach it to the most physically and mentally fit warriors alive today, and you had better believe they would teach a Spartan a lesson.

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    As you said they use techniques and methods in training that the Spartans did so that would make them somewhat of modern day Spartan warriors. So you really answered your own question. But, as this is purely an opinion based answer because there is no way to ever tell, i would have to go with the SEAL because just because they weren't trained their entire lives like Spartans doesn't mean they aren't trained better.

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    a Spartan by far being trained from 7 years old is a huge physical and phycological advantage the navy seals are tough but the spartans are just at another level the didnt get holidays or weekends

    and as for the size difference jeeper poined out bruce lee

    jai lee etc are not exactly big blokes but i think they could take down some people twice there size in one punch size helps but dosent win fights

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    A navy seal would not stand a dogs chance against a man trained from birth to kill and in so many ways that most are lost in time . suffice to say they he was kicked out of his home at about 10 years old and had to survive in the wild without weapons or food , only those that survived could become Spartan warriors there was no place for weaklings then or pity. Also a Spartan warrior had to earn his armour most of his training was naked . And to answer one misconception there were light helots and heavy helots , and all were trained in hand to hand combat without any weapons whatsoever and from methods leaned over hundreds of years , there is no comparison with modern soldiers when pain strikes most would run not a Spartan he never ran no matter what the pain .That was their strength and has never been surpased by any society since.

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    Jesust H Christ the advertising these days makes the Marines look like the best fighting force in the world, regular John Rambos. The Marines are a branch of the military consisting of over 250,000+ men and women in both combat and non-combat MOS's. The Navy SEALs are an elite SpecOps under SOCOM who number no more than MAYBE 20,000. It takes years and about one million dollars to train ONE SEAL, your average Marine "Grunt" has a couple months with only conventional warfare skills. People please use common ******* sense. The SEAL wins hands-down.

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    Navy seal- Spartans were tough for their time but not that tough. The Seals are taught much better hand to hand fighting.

    Source(s): 300 was just a really inaccurate movie
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    The average Spartan was around 5'5" tall and weighed around 145 lbs

    The average Seal is around 6'1" tall and weighs 185 lbs

    Now you tell me, who do you think would win a fist fight ?

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      doesn't mean anything. A small dude has different advantages when fighting a taller dude.

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    navy seals because they have developed a way to kill a person almost 100% of the time, and Spartans just attack you at full force.

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