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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Ancient Rome Test! Are any of you smart enough? 10 points if get it right!?

_______1. The first King of the city-state of Rome was which of the following?


Marcus Aurelius



_______2. The city of Rome was founded on seven hills, which of the following is not one of those hills?





_______3. Which of the following can best describe a Republic?

Rule by a king

Rule by the people

Rule by an emperor

Rule by a small group

_______4. What is significant about the Roman Republic?

Patricians and Plebeians shared power

Lower classes had no rights

Women were very powerful

None of the above

_______5. In the Republic, who actually ran government?





______6. What is significant about Cincinnatus?

First Roman Emperor

Defeated Pompey in 44 BCE

Gained power through war, gave it back to people

None of the above

_______7. Which of the following was the site of all public affairs in Roman society?




Circus Maximus

_______8. What is a “Legion?”

Battle victory

A Gladiator

Carthaginian warriors

Groups of troops, about 5,000 each, fighting for Rome

_______9. The Punic Wars were fought which city?




None of the above

_______10. Who defeated Pompey and seized the Dictatorship of Rome, and was murdered on the “Ides of March?”



Julius Caesar

None of the above

_______11. The first Emperor of the Roman Empire was which of the following?



Both A and B

None of the above

_______12. The Pax Romana was what?

A “Glory Period” of the Roman Empire under virtuous emperors

A period of turmoil with corrupt emperors

Wars fought with Carthage

None of the above

_______13. Greek art typically displayed __________, while Roman art typically displayed ________________.

A. Men, Women

B. Realism, Idealism

C. Idealism, Realism

D. Women, Men

_______14. Which of the following was not a reason for the fall of the Roman Empire?

A. Corrupt leaders

B. Infighting

C. Foreign invasion

D. Flooding

_______15. Which emperor is credited for making Christianity the main religion of the Roman Empire?

A. Marcus Aurelius

B. Caligula

C. Constantine

D. Caesar

16. In two sentences, explain what the Flavian Amphitheatre was used for, and identify the more known name for it. In two more sentences, explain what the Circus Maximus was used for. Be specific; write in complete sentences, you will only get half credit if you do not write in complete sentences. Worth 5 Points

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    rule by the people

    patricians and plebians shared power


    none of the above


    Groups of troops, about 5,000 each, fighting for Rome


    Julius Caesar

    both a and b

    A “Glory Period” of the Roman Empire under virtuous emperors

    women, men


    The Flavian Ampitheater was used for gladiatorial combat. It was commonly known as the Colosseum. The Circus Maximus was used for chariot races. It is located on the palatine hill.

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