How much is the entire Frank miller sin city comic series worth?

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  • 10 years ago
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    According to the 2008 Comicbook Checklist and Price Guide, just about all the issues are worth around $3.00 an issue with notable exceptions being the original 1993 Sin City listed at $15.00 and Sin City: Family Values at $15.00. Hardcovers ran at $75.00.

    Last month's issue of Wizard listed the books a bit higher and they ranged from $4.50 to $6.00 an issue. Hardcovers ran between $80.00 and $120.00

    Ebay had various listings, but full runs of the books were a starting bid of anywhere from $9.00 to $25.00 a set and single issues ran from .99 cents to $5.00. Hardcover editions ran about $50.00 a set with the exception of a signed one that they were selling for $3000.00

    Source(s): 2008 Comicbook Checklist and Price Guide Wizard magazine
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    Sin City Comic Book

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