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Does the male cannabis plant contain THC and is it illegal?

i lit that kind of incense today and people were saying that i could get high off of that and its illegal... is that true

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    1 decade ago
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    well you seem to have 2 questions here lol. first of yes the male plant has thc and is illigel just as any form of cannibis. as far as the incents that are called cannibis ! they are not made nor do they smell like cannibis however dragons blood incents are used to make red rock opium and they will give you a slight opiod slash pot high, but i advise against this. i smoked it alot and it coats your lungs with a plastic like film resulting in lung damage that could be worse than ciggs or any other crap. if you want to get a buzz smoke pot and stay away from cimanals and cops

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