Confederate Flags in Schools?

This is up for discussion if you're actually going to give intellegent opnions...not if you're going to be dumb about it and a jerk. I'm trying to get somewhere. And before you start reading you must know: I AM NOT racist. This is an opnionated topic.

So...Im a freshmen at a high school in Alabama. It's a pretty big school, over 2,000 kids. Many kids

have been asked to change while wearing confederate flags shirts. All of these kids have been white, and today I saw a black boy wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it. Another black boy wearing a Malcom X shirt, one wearing a Martin Luther King Junior shirt and an Obama shirt. My question is...why is this fair? The confederate flag is a matter of opnion and in a way a form of nationalitly. I am very southern and wear the confederate as well as have it hanging. But...I am in no ways racist agnist black people as a society and I do not support slavery. I do, however, honor my southern heritage and think it's the same thing as wearing a Matin Luther King Junior shirt, an Obama shirt and deffentally a Malcom X shirt. I mean...come on? I see plenty of kids walking around with church shirts that have crosses on them, and they arent required to change. Someone wearing a shirt to support September 11th wouldnt be told to change, so why should the confederate flag be banned? Kids should not have to give up their rights (first ammendment) just because they're being forced into public school. Please give your opnions and how you would go about this if you were told to change. Thank ya'll.


No, Im not racist. I'm sticking up for something I believe in.

Update 2:

Okay..tell me why it's a symbol of racism.

Update 3:

Yes, But conflict can also arise with Malcom X, Martin Luther King, and Obama. Not to mention...the only kids told to take of the confederate flag are the white kids.

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    I agree, it is out of ignorance that people are offended by a Confederate flag.. and a school should be a place where the teachers and administrators are not ignorant, unfortunately it says more about the time we live in that some people are more interested in being politically correct than dealing with the truth.

    Lol the Confederate flag is no more a symbol of racism than the US flag... slavery was not simply a southern practice.

    As you can see the true bigots are those like Tim.

    As you can see the reason you are not free to wear a Confederate flag has more to do with these morons that answered your question than reality... these idiots are offended and compare the Confederate flag to a swastika.. which if were true then the American flag should also be compared to a swastika.... either comparison is equally moronic and has nothing to do with reality or historic truth.

    This flag never flew over a slave ship... unfortunately the same can not be said of the American flag nor of the English flag, Those with an agenda never seem offended by our national flag.

    Was there slavery in the northern United States? Of course.

    Were there no slaves in America? Should we rip down Old Glory? Apparently not.

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    Well.. as a Alabamian who's rather smart and pre law and not inbred, or stupid. I think it's wrong to say "oh! your racist!" Addressing the issue, lets take a logical approach, and use well guided reasoning.

    The Confederate flag is a symbol of several meanings. While you cannot deny the fact that the south supported slavery it's important to realize that there were many factors that caused the civil war.

    For the most part the south was run by aristocracy who took advantage of their positions.

    But lets focus on the question that has several parts. 1. Why is it unfair to tell them they cant wear it. 2. Why can some one wear a shirt that has Obama, or Martin Luther King, Or a 9/11 and not be told to change.

    Well the fact is that the war was caused "over slavery," is fools response. It was a matter of many reasons, such as slavery, states rights, and a feeling that the south had no say in government due to population density in the north reflected in the number of representatives, and the fact that the senate hasn't always had an even 100 members.

    The souths own leader Robert Lee was against slavery but strongly supported states rights, and Grant was a slave holder. So sticking to one point is beating around the bush.

    But it does say in school hand books don't wear clothes with controversial meanings, seeing as how that can cause a class disturbance.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to honor the millions of men who fought and died fighting for what they believe in, or not wanting to deny your lineage.

    But at the same time don't alienate your self from others. We fought a war on the issue that were americans not northerners or southerners, "a house divided shall not stand" was Lincoln's point.

    Either way I say keep opinions to your self, but approach a situation with logic not ignorance.

    And the schools do take your rights when you sign up to go there so the 1st amendment isn't a valid point. Schools a privilege, there are alternatives if your not happy.

    Obama isn't controversial he's the president. Malcolm X didn't start a war. And yes', Martin Luther King had some questionable morals, but the courts and the people did say all men are created equal.

    All in all I say honor it on your own time, and don't offend any one. Were all Americans!

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    Content matters.

    Should a Nazi Swastika shirt be allowed? The confederate battle flag might mean one thing to you, but what it represents to many is a bloody war started by the Confederacy to preserve their economic system based on slavery. The same argument you make for a Confederate flag could be made by someone wearing a swastika.

    There is a lot of revisionist history going around about the Civil War and what it was over. It all comes back to slavery in the final cause. And the first shots were fired by the Confederacy. The Confederacy also tried to appropriate property of the US before those shots were fired.

    Also as minors students do have certain rights limited. And free speech is limited for all when the speech may spark physical harm. And other limits also apply - you cannot even joke about bombs in an airport.

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    I don't believe that you should wear a shirt with the confederate flag on it to school. Also, I think that it may be beneficial for you to try to understand why it is that people object to the display of the confederate flag. I understand that you are proud of your heritage, however, there are other ways for you to love and appreciate your roots without wearing a symbol that is emotionally hurtful to so many individuals. In the United States, you have the right and the freedom to wear a shirt with the confederate flag without having to worry about being persecuted. However, I think that you should understand why something so simple as a flag causes people to become so upset. But if you are so proud of your heritage, then you shouldn't be hiding anything in your backpack because you are scared of trouble. If you believe so strongly in it, then wear it and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. -Kidx

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    Technically you mean the battle flag of the Confederacy, I assume...there wasn't just one in the actual civil war. The battle flag itself -- if you know the actual history -- never actually represented "the whole south" during the Civil War.

    The problem is its second use: as the flag of southern resistance to the Civil Right movement.

    I hear what you are saying, but I'm not really sure I believe you. How is it possible that the Civil War means anything of significant to any modern southerns? (I'm right next door to you in GA, btw) It's a damn flag. And it was and still is used by racists to spread hate and anger...even if that doesn't apply to you personally. Throw the blasted thing in the trash and move on. I hardly give a rip about the US Flag, let alone that old rag.

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    1) My question is...why is this fair?

    The *primary moving force* behind the formation of the Confederacy was the desire to maintain the institution of racial slavery. Displaying that flag demonstrates - intentionally or not - a support for the institution of racial slavery. It is offensive to ME (an *extremely* pale-skinned, redheaded Northerner) - so I can only imagine how offensive it must be to someone who can trace their recent ancestry to people who remained in slavery as a consequence of the policies of the Confederacy.

    Malcolm X did not enslave anyone nor preach that any race should be enslaved - let alone attempt to enforce enslavement on an entire race. Though clearly not the best role model, he is not a symbol of racial enslavement.

    Martin Luther King - regardless of his personal faults - did an **amazing thing** by popularly preaching peaceful protest to overcome the racial inequality problem that still existed in the U.S. in his day. He is a symbol whose ideals anyone (including you and I) should be proud to stand by.

    2) The confederate flag is...a form of nationalitly.

    I understand what you mean by this: that it is a symbol of "The South". But it is ALSO a symbol of racial enslavement - and that symbolism *cannot* be separated from the flag - at least, not in our culture. So: even if you ONLY think of it as a symbol of "The South" or as a symbol of rebellion, you need to realize that it is a **commonly** accepted symbol of racial enslavement as well.

    By comparison, look at the Swastika. In our culture, it is an instantly-recognizable symbol of Nazi Germany and anti-Semitism. Among Hindus, it is a religious symbol not in any way associated with Hitler or genocide or anti-Semitism. Now - if some Hindu person were to wear a Swastika t-shirt, wouldn't your immediate reaction be, "That's a stinking Nazi"? Similarly, the Confederate Flag - understandably! - generates strong negative emotions in many people who see it because of some of the things that it represents in our culture - even if it does NOT represent those things to you, personally.


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    It's a racist symbol. King wasn't a racist. Obama isn't a racist. And Malcolm X repudiated the racist teachings of the NOI.

  • The confederate flag represents the freedoms denied to the citizens of the CSA by brutal dictator Abraham Lincoln.

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    Probably because you're school knows what conflict can arise when all these power-hungry-small-minded southerners band together with their highly misinformed beliefs about their so called "national pride." I'm assuming your school is predominately white and since your from Alabama I can safely assume about half of you are inbred.

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    It is a racist symbol. The others are not. If you think the confederate flag is not racist, you are wrong, and that may be the source of your confusion.

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