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My father says "Where is Mr. Hitler when you need him" during news stories covering israel and palestine, why?

He is a survivor of USS Liberty and underwent psychotherapy after witnessing the deaths of his friends.

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    obviously he is racist it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out

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    well this is just personal specualtion but he sees isrealis and palitniens as equals (witch many people cease to recognise sadly enough) and when one country witch is smaller and weaker than another tries to force out an occupational force that is slowly colonizing their land the occupying force decides to commit a mini genocide,and everyone who decides to open thier mouth is an anti-semite/terrorist

    now missunderstand me, what hitler did was wrong, but isnt what the idf is doing wrong also? i mean how many people must die before we realise that 1 death is still a tragedy, espicaelly in a place where people all live in slums

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    He is a racist, who shares Hitler's opinion, that Jews (and Arabs, I'm sure) are in need of "the final solution".

    I hate to say this to a loyal son, but do ask your dad to eat excrement and die already. The world becomes a better place every time a Hitler-praising scumbag passes away.

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    He's making a not-very-good "joke" about letting Mr. Hitler kill off the problem because he's sick and tired of hearing about it. Either your father is uninterested in the issue because his interests lie in some other direction (maybe like he's waiting for the sports?) or he resents being asked to pay attention because he doesn't care, or maybe he doesn't like the fact that he's being told he has to care, or most likely he really does care but he's been drained after a lifetime of listening to news about both sides while Americans take sides and fight with each other and so on and so forth.

    You people who jump to assume it's from racism have no basis for your assumption. Not everyone cares about the same issues. To me this one is a very important issue but I swear I also get sick of listening to Americans squabble over it when all they have to go on is the miserably partial reportage of our Old Stream Media.


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    Because in Isreal and Palestine is arund where the Jews are so therefore hes asking where Hitler is because if Hitler was around they would all be dead and there wont be any news about them...!!!


    Hitler IS the best leader that EVER LIVED..!!!

    Im not a Nazi.. Im Black but he just did some amazing things to claim this title..!!

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    He obviously doesnt like jews very much because Hitler was the reason the holocaust happened.

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    Because had Hitler remained in power and Nazi Germany not crushed, he would have "cleansed" the world of radicals or anyone not of Christian faith.

    Of course, these new extremists are no better or worse than Nazi Germany.

  • Go with Alcuin of York's answer. That person has the most logical answer.

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    he's either being sarcastic or he's a bitter old racist

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