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How many miles do you run during an average cross country practice?

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    Training definitely varies from school to school.

    On days when you run LSD (long slow distance) you may range anywhere from 6-10 miles.

    Some days you might run 3-6 mile tempo runs or run hills and do speed training.

    Over the summer at my school we train to build up our mileage and run around 5-7 miles.

    But remember every schools program and coaches are different.

    if you are not used to running long distance 8 miles may sound like a crazy long run but trust me .. it's not really that long once you're out there.

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    In my freshman year we went up to 9 miles. We had one day in my sophomore year that we went 14 miles, though this was on a saturday and we brought water in our coach's car. Prepare yourself by being able to run up to 4 miles with a single stop at the 2 mile mark to stretch some more and do some sprints. Before I quit out of hatred of waking up at 5 am to run during summer, we would run a couple miles up into the hills, then do a bunch of repeats; that's sprinting a certain distance, and jogging at a normal pace back down. Then you have about two seconds to really breathe, and you're sprinting back up the hill. It took a couple weeks to get used to in my freshman year, but most of us got used to it. Practice is slower pace though, unless you intend to kick *** during meets. Meets are a standard 3 miles in which a good time is under 18 minutes. I barely broke 20 at my best before I started ditching the meets.

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    you would run 6 to 8 miles each practice

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    Well, we do a 1-1.5 mile warm up and a 1 mile cool down.

    In between it varries, long runs are anywhere from 2-6 miles.

    If we are doing speed workouts its usually a good 3 miles.

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    6-9 miles

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    2 on super easy days and 7 on hard.

    But I'm only in middle school... So, yeah....

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    10 kilometers... Donno how much in miles ^^

    But it also depends on what im training for. 5km or 10km race etc...

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