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i am desperate for a mortgage?

I have no credit, low credit score, am earning 40k since 2 years, self employed, british born, 24 years old. been refused mortgage once already. I am desperate for a mortgage, i dont mind paying a large finders fee if i need to, please if someone knows any ways,loop holes or knows some private lenders personally tell me,

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    With these online loan sites that you will see on here you will get scammed.

    Don't do it.

    If you don't clean up your credit you will pay high interest rates.

    A ridiculous thing to do for a mortgage.


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    Forget it dude. If you cant get a mortgage through a resputable lender, and you only interested in 'loop holes' through the system, then you are only going to get scammed. Worry less about obtaining the quick-fix sub-prime mortage now (which pretty much don't exist anymore,) and start to plan now for your future. Build better credit history so that the next time, years down the road you won't have this problem.

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    your only shot is a hard money loan so do some very careful research on these in your area

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    you can always go to your local ACORN center. They can bully a bank in getting you a loan.

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