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HBK To TNA What A Joke There Is No Way?

I have seen many posts on this subject and i think as fan of Shawn Michaels i should have my 2 peneth's worth in.

Shawn Michaels going to TNA is the most stupidest thing i have ever heard Shawn is WWE threw and threw sure he has connextions to TNA because his 3 Kliqe buddies Kevin Nash Scott Hall and Sean Waltmon are with the company but Shawn would never go to TNA he is one of theeses wrestlers that are solid loyal to WWE and the fact that he is the best freind of Triple H his DX team mate and the son-in-law of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and thats another one Shawn Michaels has a great respect for Vince if it wasent for Vince Shawn wouldent be the star he is now alot of people think HBK is gonna go to TNA because all other Ex-WWE guys like Ric Flair Kurt Angle Ken Anderson just to name a few whent to TNA but what do may people dont realise is that Shawn Michaels is not like the others he has WWE running threw his veins yes i am sure Hulk Hogan Eric Bischoff and The Wolfpac did contact Shawn to offer him a contract with TNA but he would have declined straight away i dont think Shawn is completely retired he will take maybe a year off and if he decided to come back to wrestling then it will be WWE i can see for his final run before he retires completely is the return of Hall Nash and Waltmon to WWE for a reunion of The Kliqe that will be the only way we will get to see HBK HHH Nash Hall and Waltmon togeather again so if the TNA fans have any ideas of adding HBK to The Wolfpac in TNA then they can think again

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    Dude... have you heard of periods? That cannot possibly be one single sentence.

    Thinking that HBK would go to TNA is, well, kinda dumb.

    Michaels is a lot more loyal to Vince than he is to Hall/Nash/etc. And TNA wouldn't pay him the money Vince is... the reason people like Hogan, Flair and Angle headed to TNA is because they were MAD at Vinnie Mac and couldn't work with him anymore.

    But HBK is like another son to Vince. McMahon gives the kid anything he wants ever since the Montreal Screwjob. And he's very best friends with HHH even above the "Clique"... HHH, in case you forgot, is married to Vince's daughter.

    I don't know where you heard this rumor... but next time you hear it, laugh really really hard at whoever said it and walk away. They obviously have no idea of wrestling politics at all.

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    I don't see it likely, but you can never say never, I always thought of JR as being Loyal to WWE, it seems he is considering many options, TNA being one of them, Kurt was very Loyal to WWE when he was there, he did whatever it took to make it and help WWE Grow, he even choose not to take time off to train and give it one last go at the Olympics, just to continue his career with WWE!

    Shawn could always have a change of Heart, or decide he wants to do something with Wrestling, even if it is not wrestle, and if WWE makes the decision not to do anything with Shawn, like they did with Ric Flair, then it is very possible HBK could give TNA a try as a manager or something, I don't see it likely, but it is always possible, plus, you are giving WWE and Vince McMahon way too much Credit, Shawn was a rising Star in Wrestling before he even debuted with WWE, he was on AWA, you should check it out sometime on ESPN Classic, and he would of had huge success even if he didn't sign with WWE, there was plenty of Options, like WCW or ECW, New Japan, at the time, I think Sting is a perfect example that a wrestler does not need Vince McMahon or WWE to become a huge Star!

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    You forget the fact that Shawn is human. Human's change their mind all the time daily and over time. Sure Shawn has years of WWE under him and if he ever does come out of retirement i see him most likely going to WWE again. But who knows maybe he would like to go to TNA and be able to work with all their younger talent. Shawn isn't afraid to lose to somebody to get them over and would gladly lose to make someone easily more noticeable.

    Plus i don't think TNA would take a chance to try and turn him heel by putting him in the band because it wouldn't work. Remember when Shawn would do anything heelish he would still be cheered. Well it would be the same in TNA he's one of the most noticeable wrestlers in the world and would be cheered in any company.

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    I couldn't see that happening. When his friends left for WCW back in 96, he stayed. The only time he has been away from WWF(E) is when he has been injured. He's one of the most loyal wrestlers ever. If only I was loyal with my jobs, I might be a boss by now.

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    he will remember what ric flair did and look at how long hes been wrestling! THEY WILL ALL GO TO TNA 1 BYE 1!

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    As much as TNA would like for that to happen and their ratings to get picked even more, Micheals will never turn traitor on the WWE.WWE/WWF is his home.

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    ok thats never happening.but i hope not!if it is tna is stealing all good wwe stars like jeff hardy

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    and HBK wanted to leave

    Ric was forced to leave

    Source(s): Cause Ric Flair has no life!
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