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why are these skateboard bearings cheaper than the other red bone bearings?

FKD ABEC 3 Bearings - Steel Shields

8 Bearings With Speed Lube & Spacers

these bearings at this site:


why? And do you recomend them, for going fast and lasting long? i dont want to spend a bunch of money perfurily $23 at the most.

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    buy lucky bearings they sometimes run for 14 to 20 dollar and they are ABEC 7's which is way better than 3's

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    First off, let me give this link to all of my fellow skaters so that you no longer go out and pay $50 for a set of low-quality bearings just because they're TEH ABEK NYNEZZZZ.


    Read it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

    Essentially, ABEC ratings are a measurement of how close the tolerances are in the bearings, or how precise they are. Keep in mind that these tolerances are to the order of a thousandth of a millimeter (ie: 1/1000 mm) or less. These tolerances only really matter for high speed industrial machinery that spins at speeds close to 10,000 or greater RPM. Skateboard bearings hit something like 300 RPM at downhill racing speeds (I could be wrong with this number, but you see my point)

    So what exactly am I saying?

    I'm saying that the quality of the steel and the quality control of the manufacturer matter so much more than the ABEC rating in terms of skateboard bearings. ABEC is irrelevant.

    Bones Reds are commonly known to be a good balance between high quality steel, long life if cared for properly (ie: you need to clean your bearings, because even the most high quality bearings will die if they have dirt and dust rolling around in there shredding up their polished surfaces for a month. http://www.helium.com/items/1461802-how-to-clean-s... ), and relatively low price.

    Don't cheap out on off-brand bearings that nobody has tried, because you have no idea how the steel used is. Will it poop out on you after half a month? Maybe. You don't want to find out while riding down the street and having your bearings seize in the middle of the road.

    On the same token, don't buy $70 bearings, because nobody but racers needs quality that high, and maybe not even they do.

    To answer your question directly, FKD's bearings are known (in the longboarding community at least) to be of relatively high quality, though you could do better for your money (ie: hit up Bones Reds or Mile High Skates's bearings here: http://www.milehighskates.com/catalog/product_info... )

    Good luck out there.

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    Bones Reds are some of the best bearings out there. That's what I use.

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    Looks cool but their ABEC 3s which means they don't roll as long. The higher the ABEC the longer it rolls. The lower the ABEC the faster it goes, but when you slow down, you slow down real fast. I prefer Redz though, they last longer and roll longer then ABECs. And cheaper then what your looking at too.

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    Dude you should get BONES REDS they go hella fast and last forever plus their only 15.99 at ccs.com

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