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Alphabet names- and Bonus Question.?

The person who helps the most with the BQ and who can answer all the names wins 10 points.

I will omit the letters Q, Y, X and U because they are harder. I am going to post my answers. Dont copy them but you can use some of them if they are your faves too. Do one boy and one girls names. No need for middle names.

A- Abigail and Andrew

B- Benjamin and Bethany

C- Charlotte and Collin

D- Daniel and Diana

E- Ethan and Ella

F- Fiona and Franklin

G- Gavin and Gianna

H- Hannah and Hayden

I- Ian and Isabella

J- James and Jessica

K- Kara and Kenneth

L- Leanne and Luke

M- Michael and Maya

N- Nathaniel and Natalia

O- Owen and Olivia

P- Peter and Paige

R- Ryan and Raine

S- Shawn and Scarlett

T- Thomas and Tessa

V- Vivienne and Vincent

W- William and Willow

Z- Zion and Zoey



Ethan James

Abigail Grace

Brooke Madeleine

Hannah Joy

Andrew Martin

Aaron Thomas

Adam Michael

Nathaniel James

Sophia Jane

Alice Katherine

Kara Lianna


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    A- Amelia & Alexander.

    B- Brianna & Benjamin.

    C- Charlotte & Chase.

    D- Daisy & Dylan.

    E- Evie & Ethan.

    F- Felicity & Finley.

    G- Gabriella & Gavin.

    H- Hannah & Harry.

    I- Isabelle & Isaac.

    J- Jade & James.

    K- Kara & Kieran.

    L- Lily and Luke.

    M- Mckenna & Mason.

    N- Natalie & Nathan.

    O- Olivia & Owen.

    P- Phoebe & Peter.

    R- Rose & Reilly.

    S- Scarlett & Sean.

    T- Tahlia & Taylor.

    V- Violet and Vincent.

    W- Willow & William.

    Z- Zoey & Zachary.


    Ethan James - 10/10 (perfect, very handsome!)

    Abigail Grace - 9/10 (like both names a lot).

    Brooke Madeleine - 7/10 (I think this would sound better as Madeleine Brooke).

    Hannah Joy - 4/10 (like Hannah, hate Joy).

    Andrew Martin - 2/10 (Andrew is okay but despise the name Martin).

    Aaron Thomas - 5/10 (Aaron is good, not so keen on Thomas).

    Adam Michael - 5/10 (both names are very common, nothing special).

    Nathaniel James - 10/10 (perfect again! I love James and Nathaniel is lovely).

    Sophia Jane - 10/10 (beautiful combination).

    Alice Katherine - 8/10 (two pretty names but not sure about them together?)

    Kara Lianna - 6/10 (I like both names averagely).

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  • Alia && Anthony

    Bella && Braden

    Caroline && Charles

    Daisy && Derek

    Elodie && Edward

    Fiona && Frank

    Grace && Gabriel

    Hilary && Hector

    Irene && Isaac

    Jacqueline && Joseph

    Katharine && Kendrew

    Lily && Lucas

    Meghan && Michael

    Natasha && Nicholas

    Olivia && Omar

    Penelope && Peter

    Rayna && Rhett

    Samira && Samuel

    Tatiana && Thomas

    Valeria && Vincent

    Winona && William

    Zara && Zachary


    Ethan James: 3/10

    Abigail Grace: 5/10 - love Grace

    Brooke Madeleine: 1/10 - only if it's pronounced Mad-E-Line

    Hannah Joy: 4/10

    Andrew Martin: 7/10

    Aaron Thomas: 5/10 - love Thomas

    Adam Michael: 4/10 - love Michael

    Nathaniel James: 1/10

    Sophia Jane: 6/10 - love Sophia

    Alice Katherine: 4/10 - love Katharine

    Kara Lianna: 1/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    A = Amelia & Adam

    B = Brooklyn & Benjamin

    C = Coralie & Calvin

    D = Delilah & Daniel

    E = Evanna & Edward

    F = Faye & Finlay

    G = Grace & Gene

    H = Hannah & Harrison

    I = Isabella & Iain (Ian)

    J = Jaelyn & James

    K = Kiara & Kenzie

    L = Leia & Liam

    M = Maya & Michael

    N = Natalie & Nolan

    O = Olivia & Owen

    P = Phoenix & Phillip

    R = Rose & Ryan

    S = Stella & Seth

    T = Tara & Theo

    V = Victoria & Vance

    W = Willow & Will

    Z = Zoe & Zachary


    Ethan James - 9/10 - An all-round nice name. Flows well.

    Abigail Grace - 6/10 - Whereas I love both names, the G's in Gail and Grace kind of clash.

    Brooke Madeleine - 8/10 - Like both names, and they flow nicely

    Hannah Joy - 9/10 - Nice

    Andrew Martin - 6/10 - Meh. Not really sure about this one. I guess it all depends on the surname.

    Aaron Thomas - 6/10 - Don't sound all that good together

    Adam Michael - 9/10 - Sound good together, and Adam and Michael are on my list, if you look

    Nathaniel James - 9/10 - What DOESN'T sound good with James?

    Sophia Jane - 5/10 - Something about this combo rubbed me the wrong way. Don't know what it is. Both names individually are nice, though.

    Alice Katherine - 8/10 - Nice

    Kara Lianna - 5/10 - Not sure. They kind of rhyme, kind of.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Alexander and Arielle

    B- Brander and Bryleigh

    C- Cullen and Cali

    D- Daylinn and Desirae

    E- Ender and Emmery

    F- Finn and Faith

    G- Grayson and Gail

    H- Henley and Hailey

    I- Ian and Isabelle

    J- Jake and Jaylen

    K- Kenton and Kalea

    L- and Leighton

    M- and Mara

    N- and Natalia

    O- Oakley and Olivia

    P- Preston and Paisley

    Q- Quinton and Quinn

    R- Roman and Renee

    S- Stefan and Serena

    T- Trenton and Tianna

    U- Ulric and Unity

    V- Vance and Valissa

    W- Warner and Whitney

    X- Xander and Xaria

    Y- Yaeger and Yasmin

    Z- Zander and Zaidee


    Ethan James, 9/10. Good strong name!

    Abigail Grace, 7/10. Not to bad!

    Brooke Maeleine, 8/10 I really like!

    Hannah Joy, 6/10 Love Hannah, but don't really think Joy goes well.

    Andrew Martin, 7/10. Not to shabby!

    Aaron Thomas, 7/10. Pretty good. Like Aaron, Thomas...not so much.

    Adam Michael, 10/10. Good Name! Love this one!

    Nathaniel James, 8/10. Not bad...

    Sophia Jane,9/10 This one is very cute! Girly and Love it!

    Alice Katherine, 10/10. Love it! Don't really here Alice that much! Plus I love Katherine

    Kara Lianna, 8/10. Love Kara, but don't really care for Lianna. Don't know why!

    Hope this was helpful!

    Good Luck<3

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Alayna and Ashton

    B- Bella and Bobby

    C- Charley and Charles

    D- Desseray and Devon

    E- Eliza and Elijah

    F- Fae and Fredrick

    G- Grace and Gabrial

    H- Holly and Hunter

    I- Isabella and Issac

    J- Jocelyn and Jayden

    K- Kora and Kenneth

    L- Lorilei and Luke

    M- Mikala and Mason

    N- Natalie and Nathanial

    O- Ora and Owen

    P- Patricia and Patrick

    R- Rosalie and Riley

    S- Shawndra and Samuel

    T- Tilly and Theodore

    V- Veronica and Vince

    W- Wrayne and Will

    Z- Zion and Zoey

    BQ- Scale of 1-10 (10 is perfect)

    Ethan James- 9

    Abigail Grace- 8

    Brooke Madeleine- 5

    Hannah Joy- 7

    Andrew Martin- 3

    Aaron Thomas- 9

    Adam Michael- 4

    Nathaniel James- 10

    Sophia Jane- 7

    Alice Katherine- 3

    Kara Lianna- 2

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Adrianne and Andrew

    B- Britney and Brennan

    C- Christina and Cameron

    D- Danielle and Damen

    E- Eva and Evan

    F- Felicity and Fenix

    G- Gabriela and Gabriel

    H- Hailey and Henry

    I- Isabel and Isaac

    J- Julianna and Joshua

    K- Karina and Kennedy

    L- Lillian and Liam

    M- Madeline and Matthew

    N- Noel and Noah

    O- Olivia and Oliver

    P- Payton and Phoenix

    R- Raven and Roman

    S- Sarah and Samuel

    T- Tiffany and Tyler

    U- Ursela and Ulysses

    V- Vera and Vince

    W- Wendy and Walter

    X- Xena and Xavior

    Y- Yasmin and ----

    Z- Zelda and Zachary

    Ethan James- Flows extremely well together.

    Abigail Grace- So pretty and classic!

    Brooke Madeleine- I like it the other way around, Madeleine Brooke

    Hannah Joy- I like Hannah, don't care for Joy.

    Andrew Martin- I like it, it's simple.

    Aaron Thomas- I don't like Aaron, but Thomas is a good middle name.

    Adam Michael- Love!

    Nathaniel James- LOVE!

    Sophia Jane- I love the combo, but I would spell it 'Jayne.'

    Alice Katherine- Too old fashioned for me.

    Kara Lianna- I like Kara, but I would pair it will Noelle. Kara Noelle

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alyssa and Adam

    Brittany and Bryce

    Cary and Cody

    Desiree and Dakota

    Ella and Ezekiel

    Flavia (latin) and Frank

    Grace and Greg

    Hannah and Hank

    Isabella and Issac

    Jane and Jake

    Karen and Keith

    Lauren and Lane

    Maddison and Mark

    Nadelie and Nathan

    Ophelia and Oscar

    Penelope and Preston

    Quanita and Quenez

    Raylynn and Ryan

    Stephanie and Seth

    Tina and Tyler


    Vikki and Victor

    Wilma and Wilbur



    Zoe and Zephaniah


    Ethan James 8

    Abigail Grace 10

    Brooke Madeleine *switch them... Madeliene Brooke 10

    Hannah Joy 2

    Andrew Martin 2

    Aaron Thomas 5

    Adam Michael 7

    Nathaniel James 10

    Sophia Jane 4

    Alice Katherine *switch them...Katherine Alice 9

    Kara Lianna 7

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Anthony and Amelia

    B- Bailey and Burke

    C- Camilla and Caleb

    D- Devan and Devon

    E- Edward and Estelle

    F- Faith and Frankie

    G- George and Gizelle

    H- Hailey and Henry

    I- Isla and Isaac

    J- Jayden and Josie

    K- Kaitlyn and Kenneth

    L- Lucas and Linea

    M- Mia and Michael

    N- Norah and Nathan

    O- Owen and Ophelia

    P- Paul and Peyton

    R- Raela and Regan

    S- Steven and Stephanie

    T- Teigan and Taylor

    V- Violet and Vance

    W- William and Wendy

    Z- Zara and Zachary



    Ethan James –very masculine 7/10

    Abigail Grace – very feminine, love it 9/10

    Brooke Madeleine- I like them individually but not together 5/10

    Hannah Joy –love 9/10

    Andrew Martin – too old manish 2/10

    Aaron Thomas- I really like this 8/10

    Adam Michael – I don’t like adam but I love Michael 6/10

    Nathaniel James –really like it 8/10

    Sophia Jane – very cute 9/10

    Alice Katherine – too old ladyish 3/10

    Kara Lianna – love love love 10/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    A-Alexandria and Aiden

    B-Brooke and Brandon

    C-Cara and Caleb

    D- Deanna and Daniel

    E- Eva and Everett

    F- Faith and Frankie

    G-Grace and Grant

    H-Hannah and Hank

    I-Ivy and Ivan

    J- Jocelyn and Jacob

    K-Kaylynn and Keith

    L-Lauren and Logan

    M-Madison and Matthew

    N- Nikolas and Nicole

    O-Opal and Owen

    P-Patricia and Patrick

    R-Riley and Ryan

    S-Savannah and Sawyer

    T-Trinity and Tristan

    V-Vince and Vivian

    W-Wyatt and Willa

    Z-Zoe and Zane


    I lkie all the names except Sophia and Alice love Brooke and Hannah

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've always loved the name Holly-Kate. But the name Brooke Madeleine & Abigail Grace are beautiful names.

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