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What history is true and false and unsure as to prove for African American inventions?

* air conditioning unit: Frederick M. Jones; July 12, 1949

* almanac: Benjamin Banneker; Approx 1791

* auto cut-off switch: Granville T. Woods; January 1,1839

* auto fishing devise: G. Cook; May 30, 1899

* automatic gear shift: Richard Spikes; February 28, 1932

* baby buggy: W.H. Richardson; June 18, 1899

* bicycle frame: L.R. Johnson; Octber 10, 1899

* biscuit cutter: A.P. Ashbourne; November 30, 1875

* blood plasma bag: Charles Drew; Approx. 1945

* cellular phone: Henry T. Sampson; July 6, 1971

* chamber commode: T. Elkins; January 3, 1897

* clothes dryer: G. T. Sampson; June 6, 1862

* curtain rod: S. R. Scratton; November 30, 1889

* curtain rod support: William S. Grant; August 4, 1896

* door knob: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878

* door stop: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878

* dust pan: Lawrence P. Ray; August 3, 1897

* egg beater: Willie Johnson; February 5, 1884

* electric lampbulb: Lewis Latimer; March 21, 1882

* elevator: Alexander Miles; October 11, 1867

* eye protector: P. Johnson; November 2, 1880

* fire escape ladder: J. W. Winters; May 7, 1878

* fire extinguisher: T. Marshall; October 26, 1872

* folding bed: L. C. Bailey; July 18, 1899

* folding chair: Brody & Surgwar; June 11, 1889

* fountain pen: W. B. Purvis; January 7, 1890

* furniture caster: O. A. Fisher; 1878

* gas mask: Garrett Morgan; October 13, 1914

* golf tee: T. Grant; December 12, 1899

* guitar: Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886

* hair brush: Lydia O. Newman; November 15,18--

* hand stamp: Walter B. Purvis; February 27, 1883

* horse shoe: J. Ricks; March 30, 1885

* ice cream scooper: A. L. Cralle; February 2, 1897

* improv. sugar making: Norbet Rillieux; December 10, 1846

* insect-destroyer gun: A. C. Richard; February 28, 1899

* ironing board: Sarah Boone; December 30, 1887

* key chain: F. J. Loudin; January 9, 1894

* lantern: Michael C. Harvey; August 19, 1884

* lawn mower: L. A. Burr; May 19, 1889

* lawn sprinkler: J. W. Smith; May 4, 1897

* lemon squeezer: J. Thomas White; December 8, 1893

* lock: W. A. Martin; July 23, 18--

* lubricating cup: Ellijah McCoy; November 15, 1895

* lunch pail: James Robinson; 1887

* mail box: Paul L. Downing; October 27, 1891

* mop: Thomas W. Stewart; June 11, 1893

* motor: Frederick M. Jones; June 27, 1939

* peanut butter: George Washington Carver; 1896

* pencil sharpener: J. L. Love; November 23, 1897

* record player arm: Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819

* refrigerator: J. Standard; June 14, 1891

* riding saddles: W. D. Davis; October 6, 1895

* rolling pin: John W. Reed; 1864

* shampoo headrest: C. O. Bailiff; October 11, 1898

* spark plug: Edmond Berger; February 2, 1839

* stethoscope: Imhotep; Ancient Egypt

* stove: T. A. Carrington; July 25, 1876

* straightening comb: Madam C. J. Walker; Approx 1905

* street sweeper: Charles B. Brooks; March 17, 1890

* phone transmitter: Granville T. Woods; December 2, 1884

* thermostat control: Frederick M. Jones; February 23, 1960

* traffic light: Garrett Morgan; November 20, 1923

* tricycle: M. A. Cherry; May 6, 1886

* typewriter: Burridge & Marshman; April 7, 1885

Other things invented by Blacks People

o Break Dancing

o Chess

o Jazz

o Blues

o Rap

o Reggae, Ska

o Rock and Roll

o Super Water Blaster

o Fiber Optics

I am starting to go insane as to what our race started or created in the world. What about friend chicken? XD

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    I don't think I have ever seen a longer list of clearly ignorant assertions.

    For example: one doesn't 'invent' a door knob. One makes a door and put a handle on it. It's like saying 'someone invented the hammer'! the same goes for tricycle,mop (actually first marketed and sold as a mop by a guy from barcelona), biscuit cutter, hair brush, lemon squeezer etc...

    Chess?! are you farking kidding me? it comes from China/India (not exactly the blackest of places)

    Stove?! you mean something to heat stuff with?

    Stethoscope: if Imhotep was black then so am I

    Horse shoes and saddles? are you telling me that medieval knights (who had horses) did not have horse shoes or saddles but africans (who had no horses) did? you really are a funny one...

    Guitar?! you seriously think that guitars were invented in the 19th century? Then you have obviously never heard of J.S. Bach, which would make you the greatest fool I have ever had the pleasure of replying to.

    Golf Tee: yeah, that was totally invented by a black Scottish golfer in the 1700s.

    Motor: so that was not Volta or Watt, or Stirling, or Daimler, or Benz? plus, what was moving cars, trains, ships and aeroplanes before 1939?

    Almanac: that is an arabic word my friend, and is about 1300 years old. We have islamic almanacs from over a thousand years ago, so who the fark is bejamin bannekker?!

    lantern: a light? we had no light before 1884? that's a real bummer man...!

    anyway kid, I won't go through all of them coz i'd be sitting here all day and I have a PhD thesis to write. But thanx for the laugh!

    Good luck with your life, you need it.


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    Air Conditioning Unit -- Fredrick M Jones Elevator -- Alexander Miles Golf Tee --Tee Grant Ironing Board--Sarah Boone Lawn Mower-- L.A. Burr Mail Box--Paul A Downing Mop--Thomas W. Stewart Peanut Butter--George Washington Carver Refrigerator--Jay Standard Spark Plug--Edmond Berger Straightening Comb--Madam JC Walker Traffic Light--Garrett Morgan Guitar--Robert F. Flemming Jr. & the list goes on.

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    What Did Richard Spikes Invent

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    Don't forget these:

    Sarah E. Goode - inventor, cabinet bed (precursor to the Murphy, folding, and hideaway beds)

    Virgie M. Ammons - inventor, fireplace damper

    Marie Van Britten Brown - inventor, closed circuit security system

    Bessie Blount Griffin - physical therapist, forensic scientist, and inventor, emesis basin and electronic amputee feeding device

    Valerie Thomas - mathematical data analyst (NASA), inventor, Illusion Transmitter

    Patricia Bath - ophthalmologist, inventor, LASERPHACO Probe (for laser removal of cataracts)

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