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Is Yahoo Answers Destroying the Integrity of Factual Information on the Web?

In the days before Yahoo Answers, a query on a search engine such as Google phrased in the form of a question yielded variable results, but typically and ideally found a website that actually dealt with the content of the question. But within the last few years, I've noticed an increasing tendency for question-phrased queries to yield links to a plethora of Yahoo Answers Q&A's. It can be very frustrating to be seeking legitimate information and to be buried under a slew of poor quality, sub-standard answers from children, airheads, and snotty self-important know-it-alls. It seems to me that Yahoo Answers has an unfair and unjustified monopoly on search engine queries that has degraded the integrity of searches for factual information. It represents a step backward for the world wide web as a whole. Giving people points and rewards for writing the most popular answer does not ensure factual integrity. Yes, I realize the irony of posting this question on Yahoo Answers.

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  • SGT V
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    No. No more than any other similar forum.

    So which are you? Child? Airhead? You sound like a "SELF IMPORTANT KNOW-IT-ALL".

    Personally I answer questions mostly in areas I have knowledge that might be important to the person asking the question.

    To what "factual integrity" are you referring on said internet? I frequently have to sort through utter nonsense to get any factual information on certain subjects.

    I do not now, nor have I ever used Google (knowingly). Maybe with your obvious abundance of "self importance" you could run more intelligent searches allowing for more intelligent answers to your queries.

    Good to see you recognize the concept of irony.

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    If anything, the questions posted here show that the internet has destroyed people's ability to go research facts for themselves. They'd rather just be spoonfed "The answer", be it for tonight's homework assignment, or how they're supposed to feel about the latest news story. They don't even try to verify the answer before it becomes part of their knowledge. This is why you have morons marching around protesting healthcare as socialism that's going to kill their grandmother. There's no basis for this belief, but it's what they were told by the TV, and that's good enough for them!

    No wonder companies like KGB are making so much money. Heck they don't even have to give you the correct answer do they? I mean, you'll never know the difference, otherwise why did you ask in the first place!?

    Hm, I should start my own KGB-type service. I'll just connect it up to a program that just creates random sentences. This way I won't have to pay any staff and each call will be 100% profit!

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    To answer your question... YES. Additionally, I believe there are huge problems developing because of the people (that have no business doing so) commenting on electrical, mechanical or medical type questions which could result in injury or worse.

    Your best bet would probably be to go into the advanced search options and exempt the domains that you feel have bad information.

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    Despite its CEO's claims, Google will never be God and anyone who relies on the Web for factual information is heading for trouble ... just look at the notorious unreliability of Wikipedia ...

    Even if you can find the so-called facts, they can be (mis) interpreted any which way and loose ...

    Call 2nd Witness - Global Warming.

    I prefer books, written by know-it-alls - if they're snotty and self important, that's a bonus.

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  • 10 years ago

    S'pose SGT V had a point in that many sources, and particularly forums, are full of sub-standard answers from know-it-alls, but dunno why he had to be so snotty about it.

    I agree that Yahoo Answers appears far too often, due to the nature of googling, and if you've never been on it, the paucity of lucid answers and the shocking spelling and grammar would soon have you heading to the local bookshop.

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    Only if the "facts and figures" of some people are so wrong. That's why people have a choice to look up their OWN information for accuracies.

  • belk
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    3 years ago

    the non-public political bias (Democrat) of the Yahoo solutions artwork stress who assessment pronounced questions and solutions has a distinct and demonstrable development of bias and censorship. inspect YouTube approximately Yahoo censorship. they can't save this quiet any further.

  • Anonymous
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