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How lucky are Americans that Janet Napolitano has gotten lucky twice thus far?

Christmas Day bomber = fail for homeland security & no fly list + tsa and now the Time Square bomber = fail for homeland security. The only reason we dont have 2 disasters is because the bombers were morons, thank goodness, but at this rate by 2012 there should be about 6-8 more attacks

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    soon luck will run out.

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    Like the crusty Vietnam veteran vendor in NYC's Times Square who first spotted the smoking vehicle told TV reporters, "See something, say something." We, the people, are the eyes and ears that can help our local, state, and federal governments keep this country safe. Having our police and firefighters trained to recognize and handle threats at the local levels is highly beneficial, and once the threat is recognized, our Federal agencies then take action to trace the "cancerous cell" and REMOVE it before any further harm can be done. In merely 54 hours, this man was caught by federal authorities, by using forensics, and was under surveillance even earlier than this.

    On the positive side (as discussed on MSNBC), the ineptness of the two thwarted nondomestic terrorist attempts shows that our troops in Afghanistan are effectively disrupting the al Q'aeda and Taliban training to the point where these two buffoons are the best they have to offer. We've killed or captured significant leaders, according to news reports, so this once powerful and effective attack engine is now weakened and on the defensive, and any "training" appears to be rushed and incomplete. There may well be more than your suggested 6 to 8 attempts over the next couple of years to wreak havoc on the United States (some from the domestic terrorist types like the cult-evangelical right-wingers, i.e., Hutarees, etc.), so we must all remain vigilant and be willing to report suspicious activities, as were the NYC vendors, but no need to get all hyper at this point.

    Source(s): MSNBC/CNN
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    They really need to bring back Tom Ridge to run Homeland Security. He really understood the concept of risk management and an 'all hazards' (all possible disasters, not just terrorism) focus for the agency. He was also proactive in fixing things that didn't work and making sure that information made it to the people who needed it in a timely manner.

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    No pleasing some people, Americans aren't killed by the thousands, and the terrorists are caught and its not good enough and they blame the administration.

    Its just a shame Bush was go great and wonderful and the Republican administration was so on top of things and successful that almost three thousand Americans died in a terror attack.

    Maybe Napolitano has more than luck on her side?

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    Thank goodness for you security organisations.

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