what did you think of American Idol last night? First of all Frank Sinatra songs!!! Not only boring but I bet?

some of the contestants never heard of him! lol not only that tough and out of their range to sing wayyyyy to old fashion to sing. I am now worried because they really bashed Crystal never complimented her outfit( ryan did) I hope the voters were smart enough to still vote for her regardless of what the judges thought casey too got bashed. What do you think?

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    1 decade ago
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    Frank Sinatra was an excellent choice. It shows what people are capable of (or not).

    They really did not bash Crystal too much - I voted for her.

    Cassey deserved every comment he got - he was not as bad as Siobhan - but amoung the remaining contestants his ability to use his voice is the worst and the theme emphasized that downfalling of his. Was it Simon that said something like "Good news - the orchestra was in tune?" I cracked up. Look I have a trained ear - I played trumpet for 7 years in school and 6 years on and off since then. My family actually played Sinatra - he is a one of a kind. No one did "Moon River", I would have teared up.

    Cassey is clearly going home if people vote at all based on music and not BS.

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    Frank Sinatra songs boring? The contestants never heard of him? Both are ridiculous statements. Harry Connick Jr. was the best mentor by a mile. Casey, while he has been good, didn't rise the to occasion, Crystal lately has been a disappointment (I don't think she's "in it to win it" she seems bored with the whole process now)... Mike was okay but uninspiring, Aaron looked adorable but was out of his element. Lee out shined them all. Casey is going home.

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    expresses my thoughts.

    Cassey could NOT stay in tune and keep the notes.

    He CLASHED with the instrumentation.

    Judges were SPOT ON with Cassey.

    They did not bash Crytal as bad as last week (you cna see how effective that was).

    I thought Frank Sinatra theme was cool - really stretch everyone - Mike hit it out of the park.

    (but I love bluegrass - listen to it 24/7 so my tastes are out of the mainstream as it is)

    Cassey will go tonight.

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    They were singing Sinatra songs for Pete's sake, com'on people..who listens to that stuff anymore!! ..lol. I thought they all struggled with the song choices last night. The only one that really made a lasting impression was Big Mike. Casey was just down right horrible! Say bye bye to Casey.

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